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About Horizons of Hope

Horizons of Hope is a uniquely comprehensive substance abuse treatment program that treats body, soul and spirit. It is an extension of Natural Horizons Wellness Center* - a well-established, holistic medical facility in Fairfax, Virginia that specializes in providing integrative healthcare by combining the best of conventional and alternative disciplines.

There are many recovery centers and treatment options available, most of which adhere to a conventional psychological counseling model that has been in place for 60 years. While this method alone has worked for some people, the majority of patients relapse within their first year of sobriety. Studies show that programs utilizing an integrative approach to treatment have long-term success rates as high as 80%.

Horizon of Hope's dynamic recovery program is medically based with a strong focus on achieving complete biologic repair. Our program includes many therapies and protocols proven to successfully thwart addiction and help people get their lives back on track:

How do I begin?

To find out if Horizon of Hope is right for you, please call 1-877-292-1571. One of our staff members will obtain some basic information from you, answer your questions, and make an appointment for you.

Dr. Joseph Shaw Jones, Medical Director, will follow up and discuss any questions or concerns you have. Dr. Jones at Horizons of Hope is an experienced, board-certified specialist, having practiced medicine for 24 years with 19 years in the field of addiction medicine.


* Natural Horizons Wellness Center, established in 1998, has become the premier integrative medical and wellness center in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. NHWC incorporates general medicine, biologic dentistry, orthodontics, holistic medicine, naturopathic medicine, lifestyle and nutrition counseling, colon hydrotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, allergy elimination, hypnosis, craniosacral therapy and therapeutic massage.

** Horizons of Hope has a License Agreement with Life Stream Solution, Inc. for proprietary rights to their intravenous and oral nutrient formulae used in healing the addicted brain-Life Stream was founded by Merlene and David Miller who have authored and co-authored multiple books on substance abuse and recovery.