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What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a state of profound physical and mental relaxation, where you have access to the parts of your mind that allow for creative problem solving and increased sensory perception without distractions, criticism, or judgment.  This is being widely used in hospitals and clinics to relieve everything from migraines to memory loss.

How does Body Centered Hypnosis work?
Body Centered Hypnosis goes a step further.  A thorough intake process helps you to discover hidden resources and positive attributes of your character and then teaches you how to apply them to your goal(s).  Also, using simple muscle-testing techniques, you can resolve those hidden beliefs that stop you from succeeding or moving forward. 

What is Mindfulness and how does it relate to Body Centered Hypnosis?
Mindfulness allows one to be consciously aware of their thoughts, actions and feelings and approach them with acceptance, curiosity, and an open attitude.  It is a state of mind proven to increase resilience and encourage healing, especially when faced with serious health challenges. 

As Lizette Ayala, Mind-Body Coach, states, “Mindfulness helps us find the space between thought and action.” This is the ability to slow down, take a breath and find serenity on command.
Mindfulness is not something that is done to or for you, but rather a state of mind derived effectively from techniques like Body Centered Hypnosis, and those listed below.

Conditions Treated
·    Anxiety
·    Phobias
·    Panic Attacks
·    Depression
·    Migraines
·    Chronic Pain
·    Eating Disorders
·    Addictions/Compulsions
·    Fear of Public Speaking or Test Taking
·    Weight Management
·    Smoking Cessation
·    Goal Setting
·    Procrastination/Time Management/Organization
·    Sports Performance

Other Techniques Used
·    ThetaHealing™ – Energy Healing.  Can be done over the phone.
·    NeuroLinguistic Programming – Changes sensory perception.
·    Active Meditation – 5-10min/day technique exercising the law of attraction.
·    Mindful Movement Therapy – Floor and Standing Classes using some or all of the techniques above through movement combining Pilates, Yoga, and Breathwork.

Who Benefits?
People who desire efficient and permanent solutions to any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual distress.   All ages are welcome.   Guardians of minors please call prior to first appointment.

Schedule an Appointment
To arrange for a Hypnosis, ThetaHealing™, or to learn more about these practices and their benefits, contact Natural Horizons Wellness Centers at 1-877-292-1571.

Common Questions

  • How do I schedule an initial appointment at Natural Horizons?

    Natural Horizons’ highly trained medical and administrative staff is ready to help you. Simply call us to schedule a convenient time for your initial appointment. Our business hours are:

    Monday – Friday: 8AM until 5PM
    Saturday: 9AM until 12 Noon on most Saturdays

    • Toll Free: (877) 292-1571
    • Fax: (703) 267-6977
    • Email:

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