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Biological and Holistic Dentistry

Our dentists can help you understand many underlying health complications potentially related to the oral cavity that may otherwise go undetected. Contributes to the overall health and wellness of both the oral cavity and the body.

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What Dentistry Services Are Offered at Natural Horizons?

Biological Dentistry is an approach to dentistry that takes into account the physiologic and energetic relationships between the oral cavity and the body. It goes beyond the traditional, mechanical dental approach-filling a cavity, removing plaque or pulling an impacted tooth like a normal dentist office. Instead, Biological Dentistry integrates traditional dental services and body health while assessing which services should be sought with regard to overall priority.

The oral cavity-teeth, gums, palate, cheek, lips, tongue, jawbone, and tonsil area-is intimately connected to the rest of the body and therefore affects its health. Likewise, health of the body affects the mouth. So, for the sake of optimum overall health, when treating issues of the oral cavity and of the body, both dental and medical practitioners should consider factors outside their chosen area of expertise.

Services available in our Fairfax dentist office include:

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Amalgam Removal

Amalgam is a type of metal tooth filling comprised of mercury, silver, tin, copper and zinc. Amalgam fillings are comprised of 50% mercury, which can be dangerous to your health. Mercury has been linked to permanent organ and tissue damage. We can replace your existing amalgam fillings with mercury-free options.

Bio-Lase Laser System

We use Bio-Lase latest-technology Laser System’s to examine our patients before, during and after all dental procedures to ensure the work we perform is correctly done and examine dental structure.


A dental bridge or “tooth bridge” is used to replace a missing tooth. Like its name suggests, adjacent teeth are used as a bridge to hold the false tooth in place. Numerous materials can be used to create a false tooth, but they are typically fabricated from composite resin.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our dental surgeon can perform a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures for patients looking to enhance their mouths aesthetic appeal, including: veneers, teeth whitening, bridges, gum reshaping, dental bonding, enamel sharping, orthodontic procedures, implants, dentures and more.


Dental crowns provide protection and act as a “cap” for weakened teeth that may have decayed, been worn down or that have cracked. They can also be used to hold a bridge in place, cover an implant, cover discolored teeth and for other cosmetic reasons. A crown provides increased strength, size, and aesthetic appeal.

Dental Hygiene

Your mouth is the gateway to your body, and problems in your mouth can lead to problems more problems in your body. Our biological dental hygienist performs cleanings to ensure your mouth and teeth are as healthy as can be, while providing tips to promote good oral health. We offer a wide range of services including digital X-Rays, teeth cleaning, dental sealants, and more.


A removable set of replacement teeth and tissue that a patient may be missing. Depending on your specific case, you may need a partial or complete set of dentures. Complete dentures will replace the entire bottom or top row (in some cases both) of teeth, which can be fully removed to clean and when you go to sleep. Partial dentures can utilized for a single missing tooth or smaller set of teeth, joined by a bridge. They too are removable.

Digital X-Rays

Also known as digital radiography, digital X-Ray’s provide an image of the inner workings of your mouth and teeth. To properly and accurately assess your overall dental health or potential problems, we use digital X-Ray’s to get the full picture of whats going on in your mouth. As a new patient, we will take an X-Ray of your mouth for our file and to document your progress with us.


Dental implants work much like dentures in the respect that they replace missing teeth and their roots. When creating a dental implant for your mouth, the tooth (or teeth) is made to replicate the profile of your exisiting teeth. In other words, you (or anyone else) won’t be able to tell that it is an implant.

IV Sedation Dentistry

Also known as intravenous sedation dentistry, this process allows patients to receive dental work in a deep, relaxed state of mind while remaining conscious. For patients not fond of dentist visits or that can become extremely anxious during the process, this is a great way to get through your visit. You can read more about what IV sedation dentistry entails here.


Many may find the sight and feel of traditional braces unappealing and unnatural. Invisilign is one of the best alternatives to traditional braces. By using a series of invisible aligners, made from clear plastic, patients can align their teeth to their specifications. Simply swap out your aligners every two weeks, and achieve the smile you’ve been waiting for.

Mouth Guards

Mouth guards or dental guards can be worn to help protect your teeth. If you clench or grind your teeth regularly, asleep or awake, a mouth guard may be the perfect solution to help you stop these bad habits and protect your teeth.

Periodontal Services

We specialize in periodontal services, aiding in patient prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal (gum) disorders. Gum disease effects many American’s every year and poor gum health can be detrimental to your overall wellness. At Natural Horizons, we make sure that your gums are as healthy as possible by examining your gum structure, tooth fit, checking your periodontal pockets and even taking X-Rays to examine bone health beneath your gums.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers, dental veneers or dental porcelain laminates are used as covers or shells that can change the color, shape or size of your teeth. Some patients opt for veneers as a form of cosmetic dentistry to achieve their ‘perfect smile’. Although, there are numerous reasons for the implementation of veneers, including: discolored teeth, worn down or chipped/broken teeth, misalignments or even teeth with large gaps.


Natural Horizons offers detoxification dentistry in the form of mercury-free practices and amalgam removal. For patients that currently have silver or amalgam fillings, which are comprised of 50% mercury, we provide mercury-free amalgam removal to detoxify both your mouth and body. Mercury can potentially leak out during the removal process and accumulate in internal organs and tissue if not properly done. For more information on our dental detoxification practices, please visit this page.


Not every dental issue requires complete tooth replacement. Our dental team can perform a variety of tooth restoration services including mercury-free fillings, crowns, bridges, dental implants and dentures. Many reasons for seeking tooth restoration are caused by tooth decay, a poorly placed previous restoration or an accident.

TMD Therapy

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, commonly referred to as TMD or TMJD, can be attributed to pain, discomfort and restricted movement of the muscles that control the jaw. Patients that suffer from TMD can have a difficult time eating, drinking, talking and in some cases this condition can cause disturbing noise. We offer multiple treatment methods that help patients cope with TMD, directly related to sensitivities and pain.

Tooth Sealants

Dental sealants, often a plastic coating, is applied to the bottom surface of the tooth, and acts as a shield to help prevent decay. The seal helps keep the tooth healthy by keeping plague, food and other foreign objects out of the tooth and away from the roots. The sealants are usually applied to the back teeth, specifically the premolars and molars.

ZOOM Teeth Whitening

Our Zoom in office teeth whitening procedure can improve the whiteness of your teeth of up to 8 shades. The effects are immediate, long-lasting, and are safely performed by our dental professionals. The procedure takes a little less than an hour and the results can be seen immediately after the whitening process. Give us a call to find out more of what the Zoom whitening process entails.

Common Questions

  • What should I expect at my first appointment?

    In most cases, one doctor will perform your initial intake. After the doctor has seen you, he/she may refer you to another doctor for additional intake and/or testing, or begin the therapy indicated by the diagnostic testing.

    Your initial appointment should take between one and two hours. At the conclusion of your initial appointment, the doctor will devise a treatment plan and will go over it in detail with you.

  • What types of doctors/practitioners make up the team at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers?

    Our team at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers includes:

    • Biologic Dentists (DMDs and DDSs)
    • Medical Doctors (MDs)
    • Holistic MDs
    • Naturopaths (NDs)
    • Acupuncturists (L.Ac.)
    • Chiropractors (DCs)
    • Colon Hydrotherapists
    • Massage Therapists

  • How do I schedule an initial appointment at Natural Horizons?

    Natural Horizons’ highly trained medical and administrative staff is ready to help you. Simply call us to schedule a convenient time for your initial appointment. Our business hours are:

    Monday – Friday: 8AM until 5PM
    Saturday: 9AM until 12 Noon on most Saturdays

    • Toll Free: (877) 292-1571
    • Fax: (703) 267-6977
    • Email:

  • What should I bring to my first appointment?

    Please bring all recent medical records, including lab work, test results, x-rays, scans, and any other information relevant to your condition.

    If you have downloaded our Patient Intake Form, or received it by mail, please fill it out completely and bring it with you to your first appointment.

    If you have not received the Patient Intake Form, please arrive approximately 20 minutes prior to your appointment, so that you will have ample time to fill it out prior to seeing your doctor.

  • What is biologic dentistry?

    Biologic Dentistry recognizes and deals with the intimate relationship between the oral cavity (the mouth) and the rest of the body. Many diseases can have their origin in the oral cavity or are exacerbated by factors in the mouth, such as: toxic dental materials (mercury, nickel, fluoride, aluminum, etc.); infections of the teeth, gums, jaw bone or tonsils; jaw or tooth imbalances; or electrical currents generated by metal restorations. By resolving such issues in the oral cavity, illnesses can be prevented, resolved or more responsive to treatment.

    One researched and well-documented example is the connection between gum disease and heart disease. Unhealthy gums produce high levels of bacteria, which are then transported by the bloodstream to the heart. The bacteria can then infect and alter the inner lining of the blood vessels within the heart. This begins the deposition of calcium and cholesterol within the vessels, which can form a blockage in the blood vessels and result in a heart attack.

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Biological Dentistry: Recognizing the Links Between the Oral Cavity and Body

The most obvious link between the oral cavity and the rest of the body is that the oral cavity is the body's entry point for nutrients. But it's also an intake area for toxins, and microbes. If it functions poorly due to bad teeth, decreased saliva, compromised antimicrobial defenses (tonsils removed, low levels of digestive enzymes), the rest of the body is compromised, because it must then assume these functions. Anything absorbed through the oral cavity immediately gets into the blood and lymphatic systems.

The oral cavity can also foster many pathologic microorganisms. If these microbes grow unchecked under the gums (periodontal disease), within teeth (abscesses) or in a hole in the jaw (cavitation or NICO) they produce an ongoing source of infection carried by the blood and lymph to the rest of the body. Oral microbes cultured from around the body have shown to be risk factors in heart disease, strokes, and diabetes.

Dental materials such as fluoride, amalgam fillings, and nickel used in crowns, partial dentures, and orthodontic appliances introduce toxicity and electric current into the body. These currents and toxins each effect health in various ways depending on various factors in the body, and they can lead to compromised health and chronic or degenerative diseases discussed elsewhere in this Website.

An integrated, biological approach to dentistry, performed by a knowledgeable practitioner, provides a more comprehensive approach to dentistry which is key to achieving optimum, overall health.

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