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Natural Horizons Wellness Centers Offers CEREC Crowns  

Natural Horizons offers CEREC dental technology, the state-of-the-art tooth restoration system that can repair broken or damaged teeth in just one office visit. If you are like most patients, you will be glad to know a visit to our CEREC dentist means fewer injections, less drilling and shorter dental appointments.

CEREC is a revolutionary dental technology that helps your dentist create crowns, veneers, and other types of single-tooth restorations in just one visit. Traditional methods required you come back for several appointments, often enduring repeated X-rays or other tests to ensure a proper fit.

CEREC is an acronym, short for Ceramic Reconstruction. Using a computer, a special camera and software, a dentist can construct, produce and insert individual CEREC crowns or other ceramic restorations as you relax comfortably.

Your dentist at Natural Horizons uses a special camera and CAD-CAM computer technology to create an image of the tooth in need of repair. He then sends that image to the CEREC computer capable of designing and milling a new, restored tooth from a block of ceramic material in as little as 15 minutes. Your dentist then bonds the restoration to your tooth to create a permanent hold before putting on the finishing touches, such as painting, polishing or glazing the tooth.

CEREC dentistry in Fairfax, Va.

The Benefits of CEREC Technology

CEREC technology does not rely on messy impressions or temporary teeth, so you can enjoy fully restored teeth in just one visit. Unlike traditional dental restoration materials such as gold or amalgam, the ceramic material used in CEREC restoration looks natural. Ceramic material used in CEREC is also lightweight, so you will quickly forget about the ceramic restorations in your mouth. These state-of-the-art ceramic materials are also strong, so your restored teeth look better and are stronger too.

The special camera also performs digital mapping of your mouth, so you are always certain that your CEREC restoration will fit well. Old-fashioned molds were bulky and uncomfortable, leaving unpleasant and unnecessary debris in the patient’s mouth. Worse yet, the traditional methods of making dental molds were not very precise, leading to dental appliances that fit poorly.

The ceramic materials are also long lasting, so you can depend on your CEREC restoration to last for years — perhaps even decades with proper care. The ceramic material holds its shape and color, so your CEREC crowns always looks natural.

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Contact Natural Horizons to learn more about CEREC technology and to find out if this revolutionary new approach to dental restoration is right for you. Natural Horizons uses a collaborative effort of many practitioners who offer technically advanced practices, protocols and therapies to offer each patient the best that conventional medicine and the alternative disciplines have to offer. The dentists and health care providers at Natural Horizons work together to create an integrated comprehensive treatment plan designed specifically for you and for each patient they see.

Find out how a CEREC dentist at Natural Horizons can save you time and money on your dental care. Call 1-877-292-1571 to learn more information or to schedule your appointment with Natural Horizons Wellness Centers.