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Mercury-Free Dentistry at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers  

About Mercury-Free Dentistry

No manmade dental filling or restoration material is as good as your natural teeth. When decay and trauma damage the structure of your teeth, however, your dentist must choose from these materials to fix your teeth. 

Your dentist has a variety of dental materials from which to choose. Some materials are non-toxic while others contain large amounts of toxin-heavy metals. Silver amalgam fillings, for example, contain up to 50 percent mercury.

Many federal organizations, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), warn against the potential dangers of exposure to mercury. Medical scientists know that mercury leaches outward from the dental fillings to enter the body. Once inside you, mercury accumulates in your organs, especially your brain, thyroid, heart, kidneys, liver, spleen, nervous system and prostate or ovaries. 

Mercury causes varying levels of degeneration in tissues where it has accumulated. The amount of tissue degeneration depends largely on your DNA, the level of exposure and the amount of mercury accumulation in your tissues.

Natural Horizons embraces mercury-free dentistry. Our mercury-free dentist also practices safe removal techniques when removing mercury fillings. These advanced techniques minimize your exposure to mercury during the removal procedure.

Scientists are still working to connect the dots between mercury in amalgams and diseases but there are indications that heavy metals, including mercury, act as significant stressors that contribute to many chronic illnesses. These heavy metals destroy body cells, disrupt enzyme systems and energy-producing pathways, and negatively affect nerves. Mercury interferes with your immune system, displaces healthy organic materials throughout the body and hampers oxygen transport in the respiratory system.

Heavy metal toxicity poses a health hazard to anyone exposed to mercury. To reduce the environmental risk, it is illegal to dispose of mercury in the trash, in public sewage water or even in landfills. Interestingly, a dentist must handle the mercury in amalgam as a toxin prior to putting it in a patient’s mouth, yet the American Dental Association (ADA) assures consumers that mercury poses no danger once it is in a patient’s mouth.

If you are like many dental patients, you are considering replacing your old fillings with mercury-free fillings and restorations. While eliminating the source of heavy metals halts the leaching action, the mercury already accumulated in your system will continue to damage your body tissue. Techniques including oral supplementation, chelation and therapeutic saunas facilitate the evacuation of mercury and other heavy metals from your body. Reducing or eliminating these toxins reduces their damaging effects and allows your body to begin the process of repair and healing.

Benefits of Mercury-Free Dentistry

This type of dentistry is right for anyone in need of dental work who prefers to reduce their risk for exposure to toxic heavy metals. The health advantages to mercury free dentistry are especially helpful for those struggling with chronic disease or illness.

Your Mercury-Free Dentist at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers

You can trust your mercury free dentist at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers to use dental materials free from mercury and other dangerous heavy metals. Our healthcare professionals understand the negative effects heavy metals have on your body, so our mercury removal dentist can develop a treatment plan that safely and effectively removes amalgam fillings and the mercury they leave behind.

Make an appointment with Natural Horizons Wellness Centers for mercury-free dentistry or to learn more about the physical hazards associated with mercury fillings.

Common Questions

  • What is biologic dentistry?

    Biologic Dentistry recognizes and deals with the intimate relationship between the oral cavity (the mouth) and the rest of the body. Many diseases can have their origin in the oral cavity or are exacerbated by factors in the mouth, such as: toxic dental materials (mercury, nickel, fluoride, aluminum, etc.); infections of the teeth, gums, jaw bone or tonsils; jaw or tooth imbalances; or electrical currents generated by metal restorations. By resolving such issues in the oral cavity, illnesses can be prevented, resolved or more responsive to treatment.

    One researched and well-documented example is the connection between gum disease and heart disease. Unhealthy gums produce high levels of bacteria, which are then transported by the bloodstream to the heart. The bacteria can then infect and alter the inner lining of the blood vessels within the heart. This begins the deposition of calcium and cholesterol within the vessels, which can form a blockage in the blood vessels and result in a heart attack.

  • How do I schedule an initial appointment at Natural Horizons?

    Natural Horizons’ highly trained medical and administrative staff is ready to help you. Simply call us to schedule a convenient time for your initial appointment. Our business hours are:

    Monday – Friday: 8AM until 5PM
    Saturday: 9AM until 12 Noon on most Saturdays

    • Toll Free: (877) 292-1571
    • Fax: (703) 267-6977
    • Email:

  • What are heavy metals?

    Heavy metals are toxic substances that are found everywhere in our environment including our food, water and even in so-called “health” products. When introduced into our body and not excreted, they have many adverse effects on all tissues and systems within the body. Heavy metals include mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, nickel and arsenic, all of which are dangerous substances. They damage the body on molecular, cellular, tissue and organ levels. Avoiding heavy metals and removing the accumulation is an iportant factor in achieving an optimum state of health and wellness.

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