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Chiropractic works by affecting corrections of the nervous system (NS). The NS is composed of three components:

  • Central Nervous System-brain and spine
  • Peripheral Nervous System-connects the central NS to the rest of the body
  • Autonomic Nervous System-controls functions we don't consciously control

The nervous system can be greatly and positively affected by physically, chemically, thermally or emotionally altering the vertebra of the spinal column and the surrounding musculature of the musculoskeletal system.

Nerves attached to various organs and tissues exit from the spinal cord at varying points along the vertebral column. If there are impingements or stresses in the spinal column and/or connecting muscles, nerve function is impeded and corresponding organs and tissues are adversely affected. Chiropractors treat these vertebral and muscular impingements by manipulating/altering the structure. Once these impingements are removed, the body's inherent ability to heal itself is re-enabled.

Although the basic focus of chiropractic care is to treat impingements (subluxations) upon the nerves, many chiropractors integrate other areas of therapy to help promote and maintain the results of their chiropractic adjustments. These may include nutritional therapies, stress management, detoxification and other manual therapies, such as therapeutic massage.

Common Questions

  • How do I schedule an initial appointment at Natural Horizons?

    Natural Horizons’ highly trained medical and administrative staff is ready to help you. Simply call us to schedule a convenient time for your initial appointment. Our business hours are:

    Monday – Friday: 8AM until 5PM
    Saturday: 9AM until 12 Noon on most Saturdays

    • Toll Free: (877) 292-1571
    • Fax: (703) 267-6977
    • Email:

  • What should I bring to my first appointment?

    Please bring all recent medical records, including lab work, test results, x-rays, scans, and any other information relevant to your condition.

    If you have downloaded our Patient Intake Form, or received it by mail, please fill it out completely and bring it with you to your first appointment.

    If you have not received the Patient Intake Form, please arrive approximately 20 minutes prior to your appointment, so that you will have ample time to fill it out prior to seeing your doctor.

  • What should I expect at my first appointment?

    In most cases, one doctor will perform your initial intake. After the doctor has seen you, he/she may refer you to another doctor for additional intake and/or testing, or begin the therapy indicated by the diagnostic testing.

    Your initial appointment should take between one and two hours. At the conclusion of your initial appointment, the doctor will devise a treatment plan and will go over it in detail with you.

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Are you looking for a solution for your chronic back and neck pain? Have you tried medicine, chiropractic, physical therapy, or massage with little result? Well your pain relief search may be over with our unique treatment protocol offered by Dr. Vishal Verma. But before you get treated, find out if you are a candidate with our FREE examination and assessment including Dr. Verma's professional biomechanic and optimum balance screening. No one in the area offers this analysis in such detail. We are able to find the source of your problem and correct it. We invite you to utilize the FREE examination and assessment first with no obligation. Call 1-877-292-1571 today. You won't regret it.

Dr. Verma is a sports and rehabilitation chiropractic physician who has been assessing and treating patients in the area for over 8 years and has developed a specialized examination and treatment protocol not utilized by other chiropractors or physical therapists. The treatments are pain-free and include a combination of therapies that alone would not provide pain relief. The secret is in how and when to apply the therapy and not just which one. Dr. Verma has been quoted as an expert in numerous articles on chronic pain as well as lectured on this topic for years.Call today at 1-877-292-1571 for the FREE examination and assessment to see if your pain qualifies.

The goal of our centers is to empower and educate you on how to STAY healthy and pain-free rather than just covering up the pain.
Benefits of our center include:

  • Free initial consultation and evaluation of you to see if we can help
  • Comprehensive analysis and diagnosis for accurate treatment
  • Visits that take 45 min - 1 hour or more for total treatment everytime. No 5-minute visits here.
  • Advanced technology combined with traditional treatment for full results.
  • Consistent nutritional education on how to stay healthy without our help
  •  Full staff of medical doctors, dentists, naturopathic physicians, etc.

Get on your way to pain relief and total body wellness. Request an appointment or a complimentary consultation by by calling us at 1-877-292-1571. You may read more about chiropractic and its benefits below.

Why Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a holistic approach to overall health that allows the body to heal itself of illness, injury, as well as environmental and emotional stress.

Dr. Daniel Palmer formally introduced chiropractic in 1895; however, it took some time for this practice to catch on. Over time, as the advantages of chiropractic care have come to light and become increasingly indisputable, it has gained true acceptance in public health circles and continues to gain acceptance within the mainstream medical community. This is why most health insurance companies now provide coverage for chiropractic.

Documented Results

Several highly regarded chiropractic research projects, including an exhaustive British study in 1990, have documented myriad instances of acute back pain being resolved more effectively and with greater duration than attempts by mainstream medical interventions.

Beyond Back & Neck Pain

In addition to successful treatment of back and neck pain, chiropractic has resolved many illnesses that have been treated unsuccessfully by traditional medical intervention. These include pain, numbness of the limbs, and numerous digestive issues. A recent study also shows that chiropractic care has helped affect better retention rates (up to ten times) in substance abuse programs.

Although many people only seek chiropractic care when they are suffering from pain and/or illness, it is important to realize that chiropractic care is a highly effective means of preventing pain and illness and maintaining overall health.

Who Benefits?

Chiropractic care is appropriate for people of all ages and of all levels of health (infant to geriatric). People suffering from back and/or neck pain, or who are experiencing high levels of physical and/or emotional stress in their lives are prime candidates.

Schedule an Appointment

To arrange for chiropractic care by an experienced practitioner, or to learn more about its numerous benefits, contact Natural Horizons Wellness Centers at 1-877-292-1571.

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