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Treating injuries with laser therapy

Low Intensity Laser Therapy for Injuries

Laser therapy is a new technology which involves the application of light energy at a certain level to penetrate the tissues. The wavelength penetrates the tissues of the body to produce particles of energy. This energy is then absorbed by small molecules. These molecules are located within the cells which results in physiological responses. In scientific terms, this would be considered converting light energy into biochemical energy. This results in the creation of new cells. The entire technique was used by the Ancient Greek civilizations. The process does not control the symptoms of certain conditions but rather cures the pathology.

Advantages of Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT) 

  • Produces few, if any side effects
  • Highly effective
  • Non-toxic
  • Easily administered and non-invasive

While laser therapy is still a new technology, it has many positive results that are cost effective and safe. Laser therapy is often recommended by physicians as an alternative to invasive surgery and prolonged treatment, which can have lasting adverse effects.

Laser therapy offers a fast and effective treatment option at an affordable price with the least amount of negative side effects.

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Injuries Treatable with LILT

Ligament and Tendon Tears

With any tear of the muscle or tendon, it can be quite painful. Laser therapy can help in the production of beta-endorphins, which helps in cutting off or eliminating the sensation of pain. Also, DNA production is also encouraged for protein building which helps generate new tissue.

Fractures and Soft Tissue Injuries

Fractures can be caused by increased strain or twist in the tissue or muscle. It could also be considered a 'hairline' fracture which is a small crack of the bone. Other positive effects of laser therapy include speeding up the body's natural healing process. Also, the regulation of the cell membrane and activity is also increased. To help with trauma, Cortisol production is increased in order to take away the effects of trauma and the disease process.

Facet Joint Syndrome

Facet joint syndrome (also called spinal osteoarthritis) occurs when cartilage lining the facet joints of the spine deteriorate. When this happens, the bones of the spine rub against each other, leading to chronic back pain. A combination of chiropractic manipulation and low intensity laser therapy for facet joint syndrome can be beneficial for increasing flexibility and mobility and decreasing pain.


Laser therapy helps bruises heal faster by causing the smaller arteries around the injurty to increase in size, a process called vasodilation. Vasodilation allows inflammation and swelling to move away from the injury area, speeding the healing process.

Bulging and Herniated Discs

Laser therapy helps treat herniated discs by reducing inflammation around the injured area. Many patients who use laser therapy for bulging discs report immediate short-term and intermediate-term pain-relief and symptom relief after laser therapy treatments. 

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Common Questions

  • How can low-intensity laser therapy help with pain?

    Low-intensity laser therapy is a non-invasive approach designed to help manage pain by healing the cause of the pain at its source. For example, pain in the leg with tingling and numbness usually stems from the lower back. We would apply LILT to the lower back to “fix” the problem at the source of the injury.

  • How will low-intensity laser therapy help target the source of the pain?

    Low-intensity laser therapy helps the injured area heal at a faster rate. It does this by stimulating the inured cells in the area to metabolize faster, thereby creating a greater immune response in the injured area. Greater healing response equals faster healing times and complete healing, rather than just controlling symptoms the way pain medication does.

  • Are there any side effects to low-intensity laser therapy?
    To date, there are no known side effects to low-intensity laser therapy. The healing powers of light are all positive and there is no harmful radiation involved. Each individual being treated is thoroughly examined before deciding if low-intensity laser therapy will be helpful to their healing process.

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