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May 08, 2017

Dr. Kumar completed the Huggins-Grube Protocol Training!

Natural Horizons is pleased to announce that Dr. Rahul Kumar, Fairfax Dentist, recently completed the Huggins-Grube protocol training last month in Chicago, Illinois. The Huggins-Grube Protocol is “an integrated system that incorporates multiple safety factors to enhance immune recovery.” One of the main objectives of this protocol is to provide education and alternatives to dental materials as well as dental practices that may be connected to various health problems.  

“It has indeed been proven that many of our chronic health problems have been caused by damage from dental fillings (mercury based fillings), root canals, diet and environmental toxins. The damage from these toxins has a tendency to push our immune systems over the edge.” - Dr. Blanche Grube

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Educate yourself on Dental Toxicity 

Dental toxicity can occur when materials placed in a patient’s mouth cause that person’s immune system to react and “reject” the restoration since the components are never accepted in the same manner as one’s own tissues. This is probably one of the primary concerns facing dental patients today. With several thousand dental restoration materials available on the market, it is important to know how vigorously or minimally these materials will react with the body’s immune system. Proper testing can help to prevent the placement of several materials in the mouth that could prove to be an ongoing source of toxins to a patient.

Reactivity to dental materials can be loosely compared to food allergies. While many people have no problems with foods such as peanuts, fish, or soybeans, there is a small percentage of the population who will have an allergic reaction to these foods. The reaction to dental materials that we are testing for is similar to an allergy, but it appears to often be much more subtle. The immune system can react to dental materials as if they were infections or just toxic substances, and it will begin to work overtime to remove the “infection” from the body, although this can obviously never occur if the substances remain in the mouth. Often these materials are placed with no investigation into potential problems because the dentists themselves are unaware of the hazards.

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The Dental Division would like to remind patients that we are a BPA-Free Facility. "BPA is a chemical with estrogenic activity (EA), meaning it mimics the estrogen hormone. Chemicals with estrogenic activity have been reported to have potential adverse health effects in mammals, including humans, especially in fetal and infant states," as reported by Dr. George Bittner, a professor of neurobiology at the University of Texas at Austin who has served on many National Institutes of Health panels.

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