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Get to know the holistic doctors and dentists as well as the other staff members at Natural Horizons who will be helping you achieve your health goals.

Certified Health Counselor

Bonnie Coberly is a Certified Health Counselor. She received her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University. As a holistic health counselor, Bonnie has studied all the major dietary theories, such...

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Medical Massage and Bodywork Therapist

Carla’s mission is to promote universal health and wellness by providing Traditional Eastern and Western Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Techniques in a safe and comfortable environment. Her work began at five years of age in...

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Dental Department Administrator

Carole Ewens, Dental Department Administrator, has been a driving force behind the restructuring and growth of Natural Horizons’ Biological Dental program. Under Carole’s supervision, the department has grown nearly threefold in the...

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Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Craig P. John is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician whose integrative and holistic practice brings about true corrective change and balance to the body. He graduated from South Carolina State University with a B.S. in Biology...

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Environmental Health Specialist, Bioenergetic Therapist

Donna’s areas of specialty include:

  • Applied physiology
  • Allergy elimination
  • Specialized kinesiology

A Functional Health Evaluation is used to design...

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Infusion Services

Ehsan Arani has over 30 years of medical experience and joined Natural Horizons in 2003. He is a medical assistant in the infusion services lab at Natural Horizons and helps care for patients in our comprehensive cancer therapy program...

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Licensed Acupuncturist

As a licensed Board certified Acupuncturist with more than 20 years experience in Chinese healing arts, Eugene Spence brings a wealth of knowledge to his practice. He has over 10 years of experience in western medicine as a Medical...

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Director of Dentistry, General Dentistry

Natural Horizons is pleased to have Dr. Gene Schlank on our team as our new Director of Dental. Dr. Schlank has more than three decades of experience in complete dentistry, providing a comprehensive range of services in various settings...

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Medical Director, Substance Abuse, Cancer Program
  • Board Certified Addiction Medicine
  • Board Certified Internal Medicine

Joseph Shaw Jones, MD is the medical director for Natural Horizons' integrative substance abuse program,...

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Director of Infusion Services

As director of infusion services, Kim Oxford oversees the administration and monitoring of prescribed treatment protocols for the medical department. Kim attended Virginia Commonwealth University where she earned her Bachelor of Science...

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Medical Dept. Administrator

As the medical administrator at Natural Horizons, Lori Thomasson coordinates many activities for patients and practitioners at the center. One of her primary roles is to oversee administrative responsibilities for the comprehensive...

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President and Chief Executive Officer

Pete is a dynamic, entrepreneurial visionary who is proficient in creatively designing or redeveloping corporate concepts, business models and strategic planning for startup, emerging growth and turnaround companies. Under his...

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Holistic Family Medicine and Women's Health, Board Certified Integrative Holistic Medicine

Robin Ann Ridinger, MD, is a board-certified family physician with two decades of experience in outpatient family medicine. Thanks to her many years of experience and thorough knowledge of conventional and holistic medicine, she makes a...

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Colon Hydrotherapy, Ion Detox Footbath Therapy

Teresa Owens is a certified colon hydrotherapist who also works with ion detox footbath therapy. She specializes in detoxification and weight loss. Her goal is to help effectively eliminate toxins from the body in a natural way so you...

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