Lori Thomasson

Medical Dept. Administrator

As the medical administrator at Natural Horizons, Lori Thomasson coordinates many activities for patients and practitioners at the center. One of her primary roles is to oversee administrative responsibilities for the comprehensive cancer care program, including coordinating patient treatment times, travel schedules and overnight accommodations. She is a master scheduler and seamlessly coordinates schedules for patients and practitioners. Lori acts as the medical assistant for Dr. J. Shaw Jones. In addition, she handles aspects of insurance, billing and keeping track of supplement supplies and orders.

Lori is the consummate “glass is half-full” person at the Center. She has a magnetic personality that attracts patients. It is fair to say that all patients love Lori for her jovial manner and her empathetic and caring attitude. She consistently goes out of her way to make each patient feel welcome and comfortable here at the Center.

Lori is endowed with exceptional multitasking abilities, which are particularly valuable in her position during very busy times. Prior to Natural Horizons, Lori held a number of responsible positions in collections, office management and administration. She is a native Virginian with 31 years in the medical field. Lori attended Northern Virginia Community College.

Lori spends her time off with her family, which includes her two sons, a daughter and her precious granddaughter, Trinity.

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