Amalgam Removal

About Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam is a mixture of mercury and other materials. Dentists have used amalgam fillings to treat cavities in teeth for about 150 years. Long regarded as safe, recent scientific evidence suggests that the toxic effects of mercury make amalgam unsafe for use in patients’ mouths.

Dental amalgam contains elemental mercury. Amalgam emits mercury vapor, even years after implantation into the mouth. Scientists agree that mercury leaches into the mouth but researchers are still working to understand the extent of damage this leached mercury can cause. Mercury is bioaccumulative, meaning mercury can build up in body tissues and cause damage many years after implantation of the filling, making it difficult to draw a clear association between the amalgam fillings and specific illnesses.

In addition to tissue damage in consumers, mercury has toxic effects on dental workers and on the environment, too. In fact, dental workers must take special precautions when handling dental amalgam to protect themselves, their patients and the environment.

Benefits of Amalgam Filling Removal

Today, safe and strong white composite materials are available for filling cavities — there is no need to risk exposure to dangerous mercury. Amalgam filling removal stops the leaching action in its tracks, preventing further absorption and tissue damage.

Removing amalgam fillings brings peace of mind to consumers worried about the toxic effects of mercury.

Natural Horizons Wellness Centers has Expertise at Removing Amalgam Fillings

Removing amalgam fillings requires special training and expertise to know when and how to remove them, as amalgam emits mercury vapors when it is outside of the body.

Our dentists at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers know how to remove amalgam fillings safely to reduce toxic mercury exposure to you, our staff and the environment. For example, the removal process generates a significant amount of heat that can speed up the release of mercury from the amalgam, so our staff cools the filling with water and air to suppress the release of mercury vapors. We will insert a rubber dam into your mouth to help protect you from dangerous vapors. Our dentists drill as little as possible to cut the filling into chunks for easy removal by hand or by suction.

Furthermore, amalgam filling removal is not appropriate for everyone in all cases. The dental professionals at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers have the expertise and tools necessary to perform safe and effective amalgam filling removal when it benefits your health and well-being.

Our dentists at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers will perform a thorough evaluation when determining if removal of an amalgam filling is appropriate for you, and then determine how much amalgam is present in your mouth. Previous dental work may hide amalgam fillings under crowns, and other dentists may use amalgam during root canals.

The dentist will evaluate the rate of wear on the teeth, the type of diet you eat, oral hygiene and the presence of other metals in your mouth. We will also look for signs of teeth grinding and other conditions that can compromise amalgam fillings and increase their risk for toxicity.

Make an appointment with Natural Horizons Wellness Centers to learn if amalgam filling removal is right for you. We take every step necessary because we believe that removing amalgam fillings will improve your health and well-being.

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