2 + 3 = Health

Yesterday I talked about the amazing results of the survey done by the CDC regarding the intake of fruits and vegetables by people around the United States. Yes, as a general population we fell wayyyyy short. I also gave you some suggestions on how to consume more of each by juicing. Today, let's look at what actually constitutes those famous words, "a serving". The way the survey described a serving sounds like a good rule of thumb. Here are several examples. Each listening makes one serving. 1 medium apple 72 calories 1 large or two small banannas 350 calories 1 cup lettuce with 1/2 cup other vegetables to create a small salad 12 baby carrots 10 calories 1/2 a large sweet potatoe and a 1/2 cup green beans 350 calories 2 large stalks of celery 35 calories For greens like spinach or kale: 1 cup cooked or 2 cups raw 200 calories 8 large strawberries 65 calories 32 grapes 220 calories As you can see calories do count even when eating healthy. But go ahead and add a serving of fruit to that morning cereal or yogurt. Throw a few more vegetables on your salad or sautee a mixture of vegetables to add to your dinner. It is recommended you have a minimum of two fruits and three vegetables every day. So do the math, 2+3=HEALTH.

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