Health experts have known for a while that people who are overweight have an increased risk for gastroesophageal reflux disease, more commonly called heartburn. A new study indicates that even those at a normal weight may suffer from frequent on sets of heartburn if they gain even a few extra pounds.

Researchers studied women who were enrolled in an ongoing Nurse Health Study and found that those women who gained moderate amounts of weight increased their occurrence of heartburn by a whopping 50% compared to those women who did not gain any weight during the study. The researchers also found that those women who were overweight and lost even moderate amounts of weight decreased their occurrence of heartburn by 40%. When considering how to decrease your heartburn episodes or cure heartburn altogether, you will most likely need to make dietary changes as well as improve your personal lifestyle choices. Besides food, other already studied contributing factors to consider:

drinking coffee
alcohol intake
some medications
Dr. Lucky Bennett, N.D. will evaluate your eating habits and lifestyle choices then help you set up a plan to stop the burn and start dropping….pounds that is.

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