Alternative Cancer Treatments that Work!

July 18, 2017

Alternative Cancer Treatments

At Natural Horizons, one of the best alternative cancer treatment centers on the East Coast, we believe that effective cancer treatment involves more than addressing symptoms and tumors; we believe that physicians must also detect and eliminate the underlying cause(s) to better achieve a non-recurrent outcome.

Assessing each underlying cause of a patient’s cancer and eliminating each cause will make the body’s systems and biochemistry stronger and more effective at fighting the cancer. Underlying causes of cancer include toxins, infections, nutrient deficiencies or excesses, emotional or stress issues, energetic disturbances or genetic imprints on the DNA from illness in previous generations.

Does it Work?

Does effective natural treatment for cancer exist? At NHWC, we have found that many people respond quite well to alternative medicine, and we have successfully treated numerous cancer patients, without high-risk conventional treatments. Cancer is not a natural state for the body, and by removing toxins and giving the body the tools it needs to fight the disease, our patients are able to have greater success.

Our list of alternative cancer treatments is intended, where possible, to treat underlying causes vs. symptoms to help achieve a more permanent resolution. Natural cancer therapy utilizes solutions that minimally compromise other aspects of health in treating the cancer.

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