Are "Organic/Natural" Products All They Seem?

From cosmetics to cleaning products to diapers, we live in a world of wonderful scents that might be making us sick, even when those fragrances come from products that claim to be organic, natural and pure. In an analysis of 25 of the most commonly used scented products — including ones labeled “organic,” “natural” or “non-toxic” — scientists at the Univerity of Washington identified at least 133 chemicals wafting off of them.  Each product emitting an average of 17 chemicals each.  A quarter of the chemicals emitted were classified as hazardous or toxic.

The article is published in the journal Environmental Impact Assessment Review.  However, Discovery News sums the research up as follows:

  • Even when labeled “natural” or “non-toxic,” scented products emit toxic chemicals that rarely appear on labels.
  • A growing number of people may be developing sensitivities to fragrances.
  • Experts suggest cleaning with baking soda and vinegar, and buying products that are as free of fragrances as possible.

Other suggestions for keeping yourself, your family and the environment safer is to not only read the label, as the companies producing these products are not required by law to list ingredients on the label for the scents, but to do your homework on the Consumer's Report Label Guide.  You can also make your own safer products for babies and families.  Recipes and suggestions can be found at Web MD.  Learning to make your own toxic-free cleaners and household products can be done with recipes and guides from Healthy Child Healthy World. As consumers we need to be vigilant, ever increasing in awareness and knowledge.  Sadly, the government and regulatory boards will not do it for us.  Toxicity in humans is running rampant causing or contributing to  numerous auto immune diseases and responses.  Please take action now by following the above suggestions so that you and the environment may enjoy a greater level of wellness.

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