Basic Essentials Of Life

If asked the question, "What are the 6 basic essentials of life", could you answer the question?  Most of us would start with 1) Air, 2) Water, 3) Food, 4) Shelter, 5) Clothing.  But what about number six?  There are researchers who say the sixth basic essential of every humans life is HUGS. 

Yes, that simple, free, completely natural, organic, zero calorie, action when two people embrace.  Or as Mr. Webster himself defines, to grasp tightly in the arms, to cling firmly and fondly to, or to keep close to. 

Hugging is nearly perfect.  Just think about is pesticide free, there are no removable parts, it doesn't require any batteries that might wear out, they don't require check ups or maintenance, contain no caffeine or nicotine or any other kind of drug and they consume very little energy yet yield huge results.  Can you think of anything else so good for your health?

Hugging has been shown to boost a person's immune response, help with depression, build self-esteem and help relieve insomnia. 

In Kathleen Keating's book "The Hug Therapy Book" she tells of research that has brought to light the significance of this simple, yet profound act.

"A true-life example is given by David Bresler, Ph.D, former director of UCLA's Pain Control Clinic, who instructed a female patient suffering from reoccurring pain to receive four hugs a day administered by her husband. Once her hugging therapy began, the patient's pain subsided. Touch therapy expert Helen Colton says that touch is a basic healing need sometimes even more vital than medication. Colton's observations indicate that when a person's need for hugging is satisfied, he becomes physically and emotionally stronger and better able to handle problems or traumas.

According to Dolores Krieger, R.N., Ph.D., professor of nursing at New York University and expert in the field of touch therapy, when one person hugs or touches another, it actually invigorates the body by stimulating the level of hemoglobin which carries oxygen to tissues. When these tissues receive oxygen, they have a new energy that continues to rejuvenate the body.

Other research in the hugging field has shown that hugging helps lessen the chances of senility in people age 70+, increases liveliness, curiosity, problem-solving abilities and overall physical well-being, and substantially improves a newborn's developmental progress."

For more information on the healing effects of touch and particularly hugs you may enjoy reading her book.  Also, "The Gift Of Touch" by Helen Colton is informational.  Of course, scheduling regular massage appointments is a sure fire way of achieving regular and appropriate touch.  So for today, tomorrow and every day, start counting, 1 hug, 2 hugs, 3 hugs, 4 hugs and don't stop until you've reached a minimum of 5 but shoot for 10.

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