Biological Dentist Treat The Whole Body, Not Just Teeth.

October 24, 2017

Biological Dentist Treat The Whole Body, Not Just Teeth.

Biological or integrative dentist not only offer dental services but because of the rooted concept of biological dentistry, it is acknowledged that the teeth and gums should be considered vital to the rest of the body. Many biological dentists are still practicing traditional services such as cavity fillings, teeth cleanings, and making bridges, but they also are considering the entire body. They look at the patient’s lifestyle, diet, emotional, and mental health. Biological dentist prefer not to use fluoride, but prefer natural and traditional remedies. They are also considered a mercury-free practice; many perform safe mercury amalgam removals to be replaced with safer composites and fillings. Some centers with holistic doctors may consider referring the patient for a vitamin C IV to help fight off the stress from the procedure. Some also may consider acupuncture, hypnotherapy, acupressure, herbs, and meditation. In holistic dentistry, it is evidence-based from research and procedures that works. There are other alternative for patients that does not want the amalgam in their mouth. If patients are starting to have symptoms from their mercury amalgam filling, it is recommended to see your primary care physician first and then see your biological dentist for the safe removal.

Dental students today are taught on the issues of mercury amalgams, removals, and how to deal with the questions from patients. Biological dentistry’s philosophy is practicing within the standard of care and using methods that have reasonable valid evidence and by treating the person as a whole.

Natural Horizons Dental Center

At Natural Horizons Wellness Centers we have a comprehensive Dental Center in Fairfax, VA. We take a natural approach to dentistry, using top of the line procedures and products to provide standard of care for your teeth without potentially harmful additives and chemicals. 

The Options We Offer

In the Washington DC and Fairfax area, Natural Horizons Wellness Centers are known for comprehensive services, including the following:

  • Teeth Whitening: As well as a range of cosmetic services
  • Mercury-free Dentistry: To help detoxify the mouth and body
  • Amalgam Removal: A process that removes potentially harmful metals, to replace with mercury-free options.

We also offer services in crowns, dentures, bridges, X-rays, veneers, restoration and more.

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