Catching Colon Cancer Before it Starts

As the third leading cause of cancer in the United States, colon cancer is not something to be trifled with. With an expected death rate in 2013 of approx. 52,000 people in the US, according the American Cancer Society, those over the age of 50 must be very mindful of this devastating yet very treatable disease. The key to surviving colon cancer (and even preventing development) is early screening tests and knowing if you are at risk. It is important for individuals to research potential risks, be knowledgeable of available screening tests, and know what type of treatments are available. To learn more about alternative cancer treatments, visit Natural Horizons Alternative Cancer Treatment Resource Library.

Colon Cancer - Who Should be Concerned?

Anyone can contract colon cancer, but some have a higher risk than others.

  • Men - 35-40% higher risk than women
  • 50 years or older - 90% of new instances occur in this age group
  • Occurrence (20%) and death (45%) rates are higher in African-American men and women than among whites.

To learn more facts about colon cancer and who is potentially at risk, check out this infographic presented by the American Cancer Society:

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