Integrative Cancer Program Gets a Raw Food Boost

February 14, 2017

Integrative Cancer Program Gets a Raw Food Boost

Integrative Cancer

Natural Horizons is so happy to introduce you to Luzy Perez, raw food chef, advocate and certified health educator. Luzy supports patients in the integrative cancer program to make life-enhancing changes in their diet by preparing raw lunches, green juices and other take home items.

Luzy Perez has become one of Northern Virginia's popular advisors on eating raw thanks to her easy, inspiring recipes and realistic approach. By simply encouraging people to "add more raw" to their regular diet, the former interior designer, art teacher and business owner has introduced countless people to the amazing health benefits of eating more raw fruits and veggies.

As a busy mom with a business to manage, Luzy's focus was always on putting nourishing food on the table. She wants to inspire everyone she works with to include more fresh, healthy and living food in their diet every day.

At Natural Horizons, patients enjoy alkaline green juices (containing sprouts she grows herself), wheat grass juice, and deliciously prepared raw meals. She also offers a variety of items that can be purchased to supplement what they eat at home, including raw dehydrated crackers (made with the pulp from her juices), amazing raw treats made with dates and coconut, chia pudding, fresh juice, hummus, salad dressings, and low glycemic raw cakes and desserts.

Patients also have access to the seeds she uses for her home-grown sprouts and her fresh organic vegetables.

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