Integrative Lyme Disease Treatment

January 26, 2017

Integrative Lyme Disease Treatment Program at NHWC

Lyme Disease Virginia

Lyme Disease is a growing epidemic in our area. Left undetected or undiagnosed, Lyme disease can create many health issues with symptoms that can include a rash, flu-like response (fever, chills, etc), headaches, severe fatigue, cognitive impairment, arthritis/ joint pain, sleep disturbances, and emotional symptoms such as depression and anxiety.

After seeing countless patients struggle with the symptoms of Lyme Disease as well as ineffectual treatments and the potentially serious side effects of them, the doctors at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers recognized the need for a comprehensive Lyme treatment program.

Our experts considered the many aspects of Lyme disease, the actual causes of the disease rather than just the symptoms, and the specific effects of the traditional antibiotic regimen on the body. Natural Horizons has crafted a cutting-edge, integrative, and highly effective treatment for Lyme disease that combats the negative aspects of traditional treatment and gets to the heart of Lyme disease rather than just addressing the symptoms.

Each patient at Natural Horizons takes a symptom questionnaire that looks at their entire body. Based on this evaluation, our doctors come up with an individualized program for each person, crafting a treatment plan designed to eliminate symptoms and heal the body with natural and integrative therapies. Each integrative program may address and/or include:

  • Nutritional guidelines that maximize the body's ability to heal itself, avoiding putting a further toxic burden on your body (i.e., eating organic foods, avoiding sugars, increasing alkaline foods, preparing a healthy, balanced diet)
  • Identifying food allergies or sensitivities that may be contributing to fatigue
  • Look at inflammation and possible mold exposure
  • Optimized sleep
  • Support for the metabolic functions of the body (thyroid, adrenal glands)
  • Detoxification of heavy metals and other toxins in the body
  • Therapies that support the mitochondria, which support every cell in the body
  • Antibiotics and supplements to aid in treatment and side effects
  • IV therapy with glutathione, b vitamins, antioxidants
  • Based on follow up during the program, treatment may be modified based on what still needs to be addressed.

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