IV Phases Of Healing

Natural Horizons Wellness Center views healing different than most other offices. When you come to us in pain and it is determined to originate from a functional imbalance versus a physiological disorder we will suggest a IV Phase Program. PHASE I includes finding your center of gravity by relieving or significantly reducing your soft tissue restrictions. (Muscle spasms, myofascial compensations, etc) PHASE II you relearn how to move joints through chiropractic adjustments and manual movements. Many of these joints have been locked and forgotten how to move freely. PHASE III involves re-learning how to move your body through normal function and range of motion. You will be surprised at how far you have strayed away from normal function, which is how you moved as a young child. PHASE IV begins after each of the other phases. In this phase we help you gain the strength and core stability to properly function in dynamic movement as well as static/still postures. This phase is critical for maintaining good posture which helps with overall health and to keep your pain levels down. So there you have it. The next time you want to reduce pain and start living life again just remember to count to four.

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