Kick the Sugar and Reclaim Your Health!

February 02, 2017

Kick the Sugar and Reclaim Your Health!

by Elaine Gibson, Cancer victor & disease prevention expert

Sugar is almost everywhere. It's not only in our pastries and desserts, but it's also in our coffee, in our soup, even in salad dressings! Sugar robs

the body of nutrition. It can rot your teeth and cause fatty deposits to build up in your liver. It's the main cause of cellulite, body fat, and metabolic issues.

Sugar also creates an acidic environment in the body, which leads to disease.

So you can see why it would be important to kick sugar to the curb and swap it out for healthier alternatives. While on my own personal health journey to beat stage IV cancer without traditional protocols, the dangers of sugar was front and center. Embracing this, with relentless focus, is still paramount to my lifestyle and is an important component of what I share and teach.

Now, I'm not about deprivation. Not in the least. I like a sweet treat as much as the next person. But I make sure that what I'm eating is not going to negatively impact my health. I have learned to make better choices and use natural options like vanilla, mint, cinnamon, nutmeg and some wonderful essential oils like wild orange and peppermint. I use very little dates, honey, maple syrup and do not use stevia.

It is all about learning to make better choices. Once you do, you'll notice that you have fewer and fewer cravings for sugar. You'll also find that you're tasting the natural sweetness of fruits and vegetables without needing to put anything on top of them. Getting off of sugar will help you to ditch the afternoon energy crash, stabilize your blood sugar, look younger, and create a more alkaline environment that your body will thrive in.

One of the best ways to begin to kick that sugar habit is with whole food seasonal detox. This is so important for you that we have created a powerful and easy seasonal program we call Renewed Living Detox. .

This is so impactful, and totally part of my healing and continued lifestyle, that we have created a special savings for our community. We truly want you to live your best life possible and reducing your sugar cravings and intake is paramount!

Action item: Add 1 new natural sweetening option to your routine this week.

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