Mercury Fillings and the Impact on the Environment

Dental Mercury’s Toxic Journey Back to the Environment


Mercury fillings result in up to 340 tons of mercury traveling into the environment each year, according to this infographic from The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Think about that for a minute: 340 tons of a toxic metal entering our air as a gas or seeping into our soil and waterways. And we put this stuff in our mouths? Natural Horizons provides mercury free dentist services in Fairfax, Virginia. We've listened to hundreds of concerned parents, health care partners, and patients, and amalgam-free dentistry consistently ranks among the top health needs of those in Northern Virginia. We're proud to provide patients an alternative to mercury fillings.

5 Reasons to Choose Mercury-Free Dentistry

As if the health reasons to support mercury-free dentistry aren't enough, there are environmental, social and economic reasons, too. Here are 10 reasons to learn more about mercury-free dentistry: Number-1-iconMercury Amalgam Pollutes Our Environment. Dental mercury converts to methylmercury once it's in the environment. Methylmercury is even more toxic than mercury and is a major source of mercury in the fish we eat. Dental mercury in the environment can cause brain damage and neurological problems in children and unborn babies, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Number-2-iconAmalgam Weakens Teeth. Amalgam fillings often require the removal of healthy tooth matter, which degrades your tooth structure and can lead to cracked teeth. Weakened oral health also contributes to health problems elsewhere in the body and increases the risk of infection. Number-3-iconMercury Fillings Cost Taxpayers. Mercury clean-up in the environment is a costly endeavor. For years, irresponsible dentists dumped mercury waste from amalgam fillings in the trash, where it ended up in landfills. Taxpayers continue to pay the bill for costly mercury waste in our environment. Number-4-iconMercury Fillings Endanger Health Workers. Studies have shown dental workers have elevated systemic mercury levels due to their exposure to amalgam in the workplace. Many of these dental workers are not given proper protection against mercury risks. As a result, dental workers have suffered neurological problems, birth defects and other adverse effects from mercury exposure. Number-5-iconMercury-Free Dentistry Alternatives Are Available. Today, dental materials that pose fewer risks than mercury amalgam are readily available. They include resin composites, compomers, and glass ionomers. In fact, mercury-free alternatives can cost far less than amalgam, making mercury-free dental care accessible to underserved populations.

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