Mercury-Free Dentistry Isn't Necessarily Biological Dentistry

Many dentists in the United States have received a wake up call regarding mercury-free dentistry and so have stopped using amalgam or silver fillings. But most of these dentists still remain uninformed about the significance of toxicity in removing the silver fillings as well as many of the other toxic materials used in dentistry. Most dentists are still using the standard protocol taught in many dental schools for extractions, unaware of the cavitation problems arising from this protocal. A biological dentist is one who understands that the mouth is connected to the rest of the body. Infection in the mouth such as gum disease, tooth abscesses, jaw cavitations, improper tooth or jaw alignment and bioincompatiable filling materials can directly compromise health in the rest of the body. The reverse can also be true, problems in the mouth can result from issues in the body. Biological dentistry looks at the client as a whole. Another significant difference in general mainstream dentistry and biological is the approach to mechanics. This approach looks at how the teeth and/or the jaw functions in relationship to the other boney and other soft tissues of the body. The jaw joint and the hip joints are the two major joints on opposing ends of the spine. In order to keep the spine as upright as possible the body will naturally compensate in the opposing area when changes are made in the other area. Hopefully this helps clear up some of the misunderstanding between, "Oh my regular dentist doesn't use silver fillings anymore", and "My health is enhanced by my biological dentist." However, if you have further questions of want more information call our center and our Patient Advocate, Annette Eccles, will be happy to talk to you. 703-246-9355

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