Natural Horizons Wellness Centers Help You Conquer Your Fear Of The Dentist

shutterstock_195239507If the thought of sitting in a dentist chair sends you into a white-knuckled cold sweat, you may have dental phobia. Fear of dentistry is common and often deeply rooted in the psyche of normally fearless people. Anxiety is often the result of a painful or particularly frightening experience during a childhood visit to the dentist. Many old-fashioned dental techniques were effective but quite uncomfortable. Experiences outside the dentist office can deepen your fears. Offhand comments by a parent or authority figure, such as, “Brush your teeth or you’ll have to go to the dentist,” make dental care sound more like a punishment than a health care necessity. Movies and television shows often incorrectly depict dental care as more painful and traumatic than it is in reality. Overcoming dental anxiety can be a major problem, even for routine exams, cleanings and other minor procedures. You know you need to overcome dental phobia to have a beautiful and healthy smile for a lifetime, but you may not know where to begin.

Modern Dentistry at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers is Nearly Painless

Fortunately, modern technology like that used at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers allows dentists to provide nearly pain-free care. Needles that dentists use to inject numbing agents are much thinner than they used to be, for example, and are disposable. In the old days, dentists used to sterilize needles between patients. Repeated use blunted the tips of these needles, which caused more pain with injections. Today’s disposable needles are ultra thin and very sharp. Dentists also use improved techniques and medications that cause less pain. These methods allow your dentist a great deal of control over pain medication and numbing agents from the beginning of the procedure to the end. This means you are comfortable throughout your entire dental visit. Our dental professionals have a wide variety of these tools available to ease pain, along with sedation dentistry that puts you into a light sleep and IV sedation for a deeper sleep. We also offer conscious sedation, where you remain awake but do not experience the anxiety. We perform this new, comfortable approach to dentistry in a quiet, relaxing environment to help relieve your tension. At NHWC, we also offer distraction techniques, such as listening to pleasant music or watching television, which effectively take your mind off your dental worries. Your dental professionals at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers would like to share a few helpful hints for overcoming dental anxiety:

  • Tell your dentist about your anxiety so they can take special measures to help you relax
  • Ask questions to help you understand what will happen during your appointment
  • Establish a signal that tells your dentist that you are uncomfortable and need to stop the procedure

At Natural Horizons Wellness Centers, we have helped countless patients overcome their fear of dentistry. We have designed our offices to be calming and comfortable, and our dental professionals are always patient and considerate. If you have dental anxiety but need dental care, make an appointment with Natural Horizons Wellness Centers today. We take the worry out of dental care for you.

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