Parkinson's Disease Virginia

December 11, 2016

Parkinson's Disease Virginia

Finding a Parkinson’s Cure: Natural Horizons Wellness Centers in Fairfax VA

A groundbreaking study has uncovered a connection between gut bacteria and Parkinson’s disease.

The study discovered incurable motor-neuron disease. The disease state symptoms include tremors and stiffness and these symptoms are long believed to be cause by a buildup of protein in the brain. But a study published Thursday in the journal Cell suggests the disease could begin in the gut.

Parkinson’s patients typically experience digestive struggles similar to Lyme disease patients, such as constipation or bloating. These symptoms often create motor deterioration by years, which led researchers at the California Institute of Technology to search for a link between the seemingly unrelated conditions.

Scientists discovered for the first time a functional link between bacteria in the intestines and Parkinson's disease. The researchers can now show that changes in the composition of gut bacterial populations, possibly actual gut bacteria, are actively contributing to this disease. It may even cause the deterioration of motor skills that is the hallmark of this disease state.

Doctors and scientists believe that the disease is caused by the buildup of a protein called alpha synuclein in the brain. This protein can be plunged from the body with Natural Horizons Wellness Centers detox treatments. Scientist are at a loss as to what, exactly, triggers that buildup in the first place. Are the factors genetic causes? These are thought to account for only a tiny percentage of Parkinson’s cases.

Microbiome is the ecosystem of microorganisms that naturally colonize and travel the human body. Our bodies are dominantly comprised of Microbiome in our DNA. Large collections of studies are now suggesting a link between the gut microbiome and neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s. 

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