"Pink Slime" Yummy Yummy--NOT

"Pink Slime" has made the headlines a few times in the last week.  McDonalds reported it would be banning the beef from their menu along with Taco Bell and Burger King.  However, it will still be served in schools throughout the United States.

In fact 6.5 percent of the 111,556,000 pounds of beef, around 7 million pounds, that the USDA has contracted to buy this year for schools will come from Beef Products Inc.; a company who estimates that its ammonia-based beef is approximately 70 percent of the ground beef sold in the United States. Because there are no federal labeling requirements for beef treated with ammonia hydroxide, it will be difficult for parents to know exactly which meat is being served in their child’s cafeteria tacos or hamburgers. You can read more about this at or These reports are two more reasons why it would be wise to start buying local grass fed meat.  When buying local you can ask specific questions about the processing and handling of the meat you are eating.  Here are a few more reasons to eat local.

  • More nutritious
  • Environmental advantages
  • Farmer advantages
  • Natural Diet because the animals have a natural diet
  • Most healthy choice

No matter where you live there are options for purchasing locally grown food and grassfed meats, eggs and milk.  Go to and choose your state to see what is available in your area. After doing so, you may want to pack your child's lunch when sending them off to school....unless they like "pink slime".

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