September - Pain Awareness Month

According to the National Federation of Pain (NFP) chronic pain is the number one cause of adult disability in the United States, affecting one in three Americans.  Studies have shown that the treatment of chronic pain requires a multi-discipline approach.  To raise awareness of this major issue facing Americans and the need for treatment September has been named National Pain Awareness Month.


September is National Pain Awareness Month, dedicated to increasing understanding of pain issues and supporting the more than 70 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain daily, according to The National Pain Foundation (NPF), a campaign sponsor.

"A growing body of scientific evidence and literature supports the clinical impression that prolonged pain is aggressive, physically destructive, and an emotionally exhausting disease. Pain can result in measurably harmful changes in hormonal and metabolic functions, alterations of brain chemicals vital to pain modulation, suppression of immune system responses, and interference with gene expression. These are but a few of the dangers that underlie intractable pain of any origin."  Karsten Konderding, MD,
"Ramifications," A Newsletter of the Richmond Academy of Medicine. Because chronic pain, which includes auto-immune diseases, effects not only your physical body, but as stated above, the emotional and spiritual self we need to address each of these parts of the whole you.

 Understanding and balancing a person's hormones and metabolic functions can make a significant difference in the body's ability to deal with and heal from the cause of the pain or illness.  Our medical doctors use both saliva and blood tests to determine where these systems need help.  The IV vitamin therapy can be a big help to get a person out of critical stages of pain and then on going hormonal and nutritional support will be used for maintenance. 

Along with the knowledge and support of our medical doctors we will add other invaluable therapies to your healing plan.  This plan my involve chiropractic care and eventually exercise rehabilitation when you're body is ready.  Also we will add bodywork and perhaps acupuncture.  Each of these therapies can address different aspects of your pain or illness such as sleep issues, the ability to move freely, and the emotional components of chronic pain. 

 As our team works together with you as an integral member of the team, we will help you feel less alone in your journey and give you the hope necessary to believe in the healing ability of your own body. 

 You may need medications in the beginning of your journey to help you manage the pain, but our goal is to identify the source of the pain and then do everything we can to heal that source and the compensation patterns the body has put into place over the years.  Thus helping you to return to a pain free lifestyle or at least a diminished level of pain and tools to deal with it so that it will not such a significant impact on your life. 

 If you are one of the millions suffering from chronic pain or illness please give us a call so we can develop a team approach to get you back into the game of life. 

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