Teeth Whitening Fairfax: Boost vs. Zoom

January 06, 2017

Teeth Whitening Fairfax

Teeth Whitening Fairfax

Have you smiled in the mirror lately and felt that something wasn’t quite right?

Teeth discoloration can ruin even the best of smiles, and due to so many factors such as cigarettes, dark foods and coffee, it may be nearly impossible to cut out the causes.

Luckily, there are many options for those individuals seeking to take back their smile and gain back the confidence they once had.

But where should you start? And what teeth-whitening system is the best?

Two of the most popular teeth-whitening systems are Opalescence Boost and Philips Zoom.

Both systems boast professional results in about an hour, but there are some striking differences that can help you make your decision when making an appointment with a dentist.

The dental professionals at Rocky Hill Smiles affirm that while both systems offer real results, the Boost system tends to offer longer-lasting outcomes.

“While both systems are generally successful and only require about an hour, Boost's results are normally more permanent.”

“Both treatments generally leave teeth whiter, but it is common for Zoom users to have two regularly scheduled follow-up appointments to get teeth touched up.”

With Boost’s whitening treatment, patients can experience a whiter smile after only one treatment, which can take as little as 40 minutes.

But There’s a Catch…

Zoom relies on laser technology to sit on your teeth and unfortunately, a routine treatment is commonly accompanied by “zingers” or small electric shocks around your teeth which can be painful.

Boost in-office whitening relies solely on chemical activation—no lasers or light therapy.

Recent studies have confirmed that the whitening agent used in Boost’s teeth-whitening system is effective without any lights or lasers—meaning no zingers, no problem.

While patients can be sent home to do a Zoom teeth-whitening treatment themselves, the Boost treatment is a specialized system only done in a dental office under the watchful eyes of a professional.

Opalescence Boost in-office whitening is effective at treating discoloration caused by age, food and drink, cigarettes, or even medication or tooth trauma.   

If you’re ready to schedule your Opalescence Boost treatment today, call Natural Horizons Wellness Centers at (877) 292-1571.

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