Thinking of Skipping Your Dental Checkup? Here Are 4 Reasons To Make You Think Again

shutterstock_180926852You are a busy adult with a career and family to take care of. Each day many things place demands on your time. Going to the dentist is simply one more thing to add to an already packed schedule. Is it really that important? If you are thinking of skipping your next dental cleaning, here are four reasons to reconsider.

1. Dental Checkups Help You Detect Cancer

When you visit the dentist, one of the things your dentist and hygienist do is screen you for oral cancer. Your dentist has been trained to diagnose and identify oral cancer (one of the most deadly types of cancer) early, so you can get the right treatment before the disease progresses.

2. Protect Your Smile

Your dental checkup could be the only thing standing between you and a mouth full of decaying, rotten teeth. Your dentist will not only screen you for oral health problems, but the staff will give your teeth a deep clean that you can't get elsewhere. Problems like gum disease and tooth decay can be detected early and treated before they progress to the point of tooth loss. You may be thinking that you would know if you had any of these problems. The truth is, however, that most patients are not aware of gum disease or tooth decay until the problem has progressed to the point that it is hard to treat. Regular dental appointments will help prevent these oral health issues from developing.

3. Protect Your Overall Health

Many people are not aware of the connection between oral health and the health of the rest of the body. Your eyes may be the window to the soul, but your mouth is the window to the rest of your body. Regular dental care actually cuts your risk of other diseases significantly. Consider the link between oral health and heart disease. One article published by Harvard indicates that the bacteria in the mouth can damage the heart and blood vessels. The toxins released by oral bacteria can cause blood clots and other heart problems. While research into this connection is still in its infancy, the fact remains that people who have healthy teeth and gums tend to have better overall health.

4. Prevent Bad Breath

No one wants to have problems with bad breath, yet skipping your regular oral checkups is a recipe for halitosis. Persistent bad breath can be a sign of periodontal disease, tooth decay and a range of other oral health problems. The best way to prevent problems with halitosis is to keep those regularly scheduled cleanings and checkups. If you are due for your oral checkup, the team at Natural Horizons Wellness Center can help. Our dental services take a holistic, biological approach to oral care. We will help you be as healthy as you can be, from the inside out, with a focus on keeping your teeth and gums happy and healthy.

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