'Tis the Season... For Dry Skin

December 14, 2016

Dry Skin Virginia

'Tis the Season... For Dry Skin

Your skin all of the sudden feels dry and dull and although you keep applying moisturizer, you can't seem to get your summer glow back. Sound familiar?

It is indeed that time of the year. Your skin needs a little pick me up and here is the experts at My Skin Therapy recommend for you to do to combat dry skin.

Start with exfoliating, this will slough off dead unwanted skin cells that give you a dull look, enhance product penetration and assist in hydration.

A mild glycolic moisturizer for night time is best, with a toner or bi-weekly gentle home peel. One of the best acids for dry skin is lactic acid, so look for something that contains lactic acid.

During the cold months it is also important to take the the right types of showers.

“We need to stop taking those long, hot showers that we really like," said Dr. George Verghese of Mid-Atlantic Skin Surgery

"Make sure it is lukewarm water, about 10 minutes is the max. Make sure after your shower or bath you use a good moisturizer."

Stay away from scrubs, as they can irritate already sensitive and dry skin.

Next, you can use a vitamin c serum in the morning. This will give you extra protection from harmful rays and an extra brightening effect.

Some other helpful skin ingredients include: 

  • Retinyl Acetate (form of vitamin A)
  • Tocopheryl Acetate (form of Vitamin E)
  • Ascorbyl Palmitate (form of Vitamin C)

At night, apply an extra rich moisturizer on top of your serum to help with transdermal waterloss. The dry heat caused by radiators can really dry out your skin at night. You might even want to sleep in a slightly cooler room to avoid this from happening.

Regular facials this time of year can be super helpful with keeping your glow as well.

Find an aesthetician that focuses on nourishing the skin as well as exfoliation.  

Last but not least, water intake is super important even if you are not thirsty! Continue to drink alkaline water throughout the day.

For extra benefits adding a little lemon squeeze to warm water first thing in the morning can boost digestion and aid in increased energy level.  

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