Which Dentist Is Right for You? The Answer Is Sometimes Harder Than You Think

shutterstock_114258754Your dentist plays a big role in your overall health. Not only do dentists keep your teeth healthy and clean, but they also screen you for many diseases that can impact other areas of your health, that could lead to oral cancer or risk for heart disease. It is your dentist and the staff at the dental office that ensures your smile remains vibrant and beautiful for years to come. Choosing a dentist is not a decision to take lightly. Here are some guidelines to consider.

Consider the Overall Approach to Dentistry

Like most types of doctors, dentists vary significantly in their overall approaches to dentistry. Some are traditional, while others take a more natural, holistic approach, treating oral health as part of your overall health. You should find a dentist that has an approach that fits your view of health and dental care.

Consider the Insurance They Take

Finding a dentist that accepts your insurance will save you a significant amount of money. Of course, you don't want to settle for the wrong dentist just because of financial constraints, but insurance is definitely something to consider.

Consider the Environment

Does the dentist's office make you feel calm, comfortable and welcome? Does it have a place for your children to play while you wait? Does the reception staff seem friendly and welcoming? These questions are an important aspect of choosing a dentist, because you may find that some appointments cause you or a member of your family to feel anxious. A calm, welcoming office can help alleviate some of that anxiety.

Consider Emergencies

Is the dentist available if you have dental emergency? This is particularly important if you have children, because you may end up with a child who knocks out a tooth outside of normal office hours. Find out what the emergency services are at the dentist's office. If they do not have any, find out where you should go if you have a true dental emergency.

Consider the Range of Care

As you look for a dental office, consider the range of care offered by the particular office you are considering. Many dentists are general dentists, but they may not offer oral surgery or cosmetic dentistry. If you know that you need extensive oral surgery, then this type of office would not be a good fit for you. No particular type of dentist is a perfect fit for any one patient, but make sure the dentist you choose is a good fit for the oral health needs you have. Find out where you will go should you need a service that the dentist does not offer. Choosing a dentist is important, because you will be working with your dentist for years to come to protect your oral health. Make the decision carefully, and enjoy the benefit of a dentist that you are comfortable with as you seek to maintain your oral health. If you are looking for a dental team with a holistic approach, consider Natural Horizons Wellness Centers.

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