Bob S. - Acupuncture Patient

When you have an issue of incomplete paraplegic you don't walk very well and when you don't walk very well you end up having back pain from your gait not quite doing what it's supposed to do, so that's where all the lower back pain came from. So the laser therapy I went through it for about a year and it was doing very well for me and then I was introduced to Jean, the acupuncturist here at Natural Horizons Wellness Center and I basically found that acupuncture therapy was even better than the laser therapy. I shouldn't say better. What it did was it enabled me more relief because it's actually getting into the muscles and the nerves and the area of pain that was bothering me the most and with acupuncture it seems to- the more that you do the more benefit you get out of it.

Having been a patient here at Natural Horizons Wellness Center I have also referred many patients to this place because when something is good for me I feel that everyone should know about it, especially since I suffered for a long time before coming to Natural Horizons Wellness Center. Not having ever known of this place being in existence I wouldn't be feeling the quality of life that I feel today. The Natural Horizons Wellness Center, their staff has brought to me a very- I just can't say how much they've done for me to make it so that I can feel much better about the way my life is before I came to Natural Horizons Wellness Center. They have done a lot for me and I feel like they could do a lot for anybody who comes in here looking for whatever programs they have here.

I also want to mention that I have seen their nutritionist and after having seen a nutritionist here I've lost 25 pounds based on her recommendations for the type diet that I needed to have and losing 25 pounds for me is a very- let's just say as you get older gravity takes over and if I don't have that 25 pounds of gravity to worry about anymore I'm now going to be- it's going to be a lot easier for me to glide around and walk as I should. Every program that I have been involved with here has helped me quite a bit with my quality of life.

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