Bob S. - Laser Therapy and Chiropractic Patient

I first was diagnosed in 1988 with a T8, 9 fracture from a sleigh riding accident that occurred here in the Washington metropolitan area. That T8, 9 fracture, a piece of that fracture went into my spinal cord and created what they call incomplete paraplegia, also known as Brown-Sequard syndrome, so for many years I was suffering with the residual effects of having Brown-Sequard syndrome, which is a lack of motory on the left side of my lower extremities and a lack of sensory on the right side. There is some paresthesia involved and some pins and needles and of course a lot of back pain, so in dealing with it I basically dealt with it on my own for many years until I had the pleasure of meeting Pete Evans of Natural Horizons Wellness Center. He came into my office. I have a business that he frequents and he took a look at me and said: “You know there is something I think we can do to help you Bob. At Natural Horizons we have some laser therapy programs. We have a chiropractor, Dr. Verma and I'd like to bring you in and try you out on it and see how Natural Horizons Wellness Center can help you out with that.”

When I originally had this T8, 9 fracture in 1988 obviously they told me I'd never walk again and I became persistent in becoming- with God and myself at that time to learn to be able to walk again and however, my walking was not exactly- I had to walk at first with the crutches and then with a cane and I've walked with a cane since 1988. When I came to Natural Horizons Wellness Center I was able to work through the pain and then regain a lot of mobility because the less back pain that I had from the inability to walk correctly enabled me to walk a little better, enjoy the less pain from the original accident and then of course, thereafter the L3 and L4 bulging of the disc that was caused from the improper gait that I had from walking. The quality of life that Natural Horizons Wellness Center has brought to me through laser therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture has greatly improved the way that I can walk, how I feel. I've always been a pretty much the glass I always half full type person. Well the glass is getting fuller and fuller as I'm here beginning my therapy through Natural Horizon Wellness Center.

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