Cindy J. - Natural Horizons patient

My name is Cindy Jansik and I came here to Natural Horizons because I had seen some traditional doctors and I have really not had a lot of success with them. I have been treated by them, but my symptoms kept getting worse. So originally, I saw Dr. Hirani and she diagnosed me with some adrenal fatigue and she helped me through some of those issues. And then we also did some different tests and detected that I had some mercury in my fillings. Then she recommended me over to Dr. Johnson and he did the muscle testing on me, which I had never experienced before.

I have seen with certain treatments immediately I felt effects in my body and that has convinced me that the holistic approach that Natural Horizon uses is a very powerful tool. One thing that has impressed me is when I first saw Dr. Vronnie, she spent at least two hours with me and did a very thorough analysis of what was going on. I completed a questionnaire, she went through that in detail and asked me a lot of questions and really seemed to be trying to figure out what the root cause of the issue was. And my experience with traditional doctors, I’ve been rushed through the appointments, they seem to really not care about whether I was healed or not. I was just a number. And almost, at times, I felt like they didn’t even want to see me coming back to their office.

So, it’s a totally different experience and that makes such a huge difference when you’re not feeling well and you know, you feel miserable if you’re not receiving any kind of compassion that actually makes you feel even sicker. So, I really appreciate their approach here at Natural Horizons.

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