Dan M. - Dental Patient

My name is Dan Matts and we've been coming to Natural Horizons for about five or six years now, my wife, Carol and I. Carol is also a patient and we started off as dental patients and then we decided to have all of our mercury fillings removed and Dr. Johnson and his team did a great job of that process and we've been patients here ever since.

We definitely felt the need to work on heavy metal toxicity because of the mercury fillings that we had, so this has been a big part of that process. We also are working on with just nutrition and with some supplements to help deal with the aftermath, but to having that material in your mouth anymore is a big help because you're not reintroducing the problem.

The atmosphere here is very conducive to helping me relax, which is difficult in a dental situation. But I think they're also very helpful in terms of informing you about your options and making recommendations and obviously, we personally, since we decided not to have metal fillings, are not interested in having them put back in if we need a filling. So Dr. Johnson is very committed to using alternative composite materials and other treatments.

Natural Horizons is going to make sure the job's done right. That's my experience. And so we've been very satisfied with the work done here. The Hygienist keeps us on our toes because we know when we come back for cleaning that they're going to be paying very close attention to how we're doing there. And so on a long term basis, I just feel like there's a partnership that goes on to help us work on improving our dental health.

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