Karen P. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Hello, my name is Karen and I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted my medical treatment to be as natural as possible, and I did not want to have a conventional treatment; chemotherapy and radiation. We had one relative of ours who almost died from it and I – that was just not what I wanted to do.

And here at Natural Horizons, they build you up with their treatment and concern about the whole person, and that’s what I found during my whole treatment.

The staff here at Natural Horizons is just – is just the best. And they are fun, caring, wonderful people who really know what they’re doing. And Carol Ann and Esan who do the IPT treatment-- they are just wonderful people.

It was the suggestion that we bring family and friends in to during all your IPT’s and all your treatments and I did that. I had a rotation of friends and family who came in and I had a fun, fun visiting and fellowship time with all of them and it wasn’t too much for anyone person. Dring all my IPT treatments, I – the only time I felt bad was a few hours after the treatment, and then I felt great.

After going through this whole experience with a small bump in the road, I am very optimistic that I will lead a long, healthy life with lots of energy.

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