Rissy Carrey

Health & Wellness Coach

Natural Horizons welcomes, Rissy Carrey, as our Health & Wellness Coach. She will be providing health & wellness coaching for all interested patients. Rissy specializes in “soul-detoxing” & aiding patients that are undergoing major life changes as a result of illness.

“It is my passion and desire to help facilitate your well-being to a point of a strong mind, body and soul stamina.  The process will cover exercises that will foster deep introspection and probing of our fundamental belief system.” – R. Carrey

Rissy will guide each patient through a process that will demonstrate ways to build emotional stamina to maximize confidence, as well as strengthen one’s capacity to manage crisis and stressful situations. Each patient is different, so each experience and process will be custom-tailored to fit the needs of you as the individual. The patient as well as caretakers are invited to participate in this process as when illness strikes a family it does not only affect the person who falls ill. 

Rissy explains her background story in health & wellness coaching as the following:

"Enrolling at Integrative Nutrition, the largest Nutrition school in the country for Health Coaching, helped me to confront what was eating me- instead of what I was eating. In other words, my studies led me to journey inward to deal with deep unresolved issues that had clogged my soul. I learned that beyond food, other components of nourishment that the school refers to as 'primary foods' - deal with emotional wounds that are essential for your well-being. This led to a personal honest look at my life and the necessary changes I needed to make to live a soulful vibrant life. I have been able to systematically gain a deeper insight into my own identity, strengths and weaknesses. I have also gained the habit of checking in with myself and become more aware of how my thoughts affect my emotions and overall well-being. 

To that end, the detox process has helped me build the capacity to better handle crisis and overcome them. As a result, even when I am dealing with difficult situations- I am able to fully be present and effective because of the accumulated soul nourishment I have achieved. The detox process, which happens quarterly, affords me three opportunities to get the rest and alignment my soul desperately needs to be grounded for the daily grind. All the while, helping me to be more resilient, focused and purpose-driven. Because of the rejuvenation I experience multiple times a year, I can be generous in the giving of myself, be present in my encounters and most importantly radiate vigor and vitality. Incredibly, this is a gift to me as I administer it to many others and now I can confidently say that I have a balanced life." - R. Carrey

Rissy is a graduate of Integrative Nutrition and a Certified Health Coach. She earned her certificate in Health Coaching and Care Coordination from Allied Health/City University of New York as well as a Degree in Behavioral Science from City University of New York.

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