Dentistry Tips: Why Brushing Your Teeth Is So Important

Importance of Brushing Your TeethIt's not easy brushing and flossing your children's teeth. Heck, sometimes it is even hard for us to brush our teeth as adults. 

Besides the fact that kids might squirm and fight you every step of the way, you might be not be sure of the proper technique. After all, the toddler years are an important developmental time for children--and you wouldn't want to ruin their teeth by brushing improperly.

Here are some tips to get those teeth sparkling.

Sensitive Teeth? Soak It in Warm Water!

Children can have sensitive teeth. This might be part of the reason they're so reluctant to brush them--it might hurt! If this is the case, soaking the toothbrush in warm water for a few minutes will soften the bristles.

How Much Toothpaste Is Enough? 

When your child's first tooth appears, use toothpaste about the size of a grain of rice.

Once they turn three, you can start using amounts as large as a pea.

Flossing's Even Harder!

Flossing can also be tough. Buy some stick or pick flosses--these can be a lot easier on you, coordination wise.

But when do you start flossing? Well, when there's a place for stuff to get stuck! Once your child has two teeth that touch, you can start flossing.

As for other things that start at a certain age, you can start using a fluoride rinse once your child turns six years old.

Should My Child Brush Their Own Teeth?

A child doesn't have the proper motor coordination to brush or floss their own teeth until they're about six years old. Until then, you'll need to brush for them.

You'll want to let them know how important brushing their teeth is by making a point of brushing your own in front of them!

Child rearing is tough, and learning how to "properly" brush your children's teeth is one of those things you never think about. If you need more information, call Natural Horizons Wellness Centers.

Brushing Your Teeth

While teaching children the proper way to brush their teeth is important, the first step to teaching someone else is learning the proper mechanics yourself.

These days, it seems there are lifehacks for everything. From eating a burger right, to even breathing right, here's another thing you might be doing inefficiently: brushing your teeth!

Don't worry. We're here to help you, by telling you why you're brushing your teeth wrong, and how to fix it.

Soft Bristles Are Better?!

Going for those perfect white teeth, people can go absolutely drill sergeant with their brushing. They go for harder bristles, and they scrub and rub until their gums bleed.

Crazy enough, this is wrong on both counts. Hard bristles aren't particularly better for removing dirt--and, in fact, they can really wear on your gums. Believe it or not, it's better to get soft bristles, and it's better to go softer in general.

Don't think scrub. Think massage.

While you're at it, make sure you're not just brushing side to side. The key is circular, up-to-down motions.

But You Need That Two Minutes!

People are all on the go these days. It's true that you shouldn't be brushing hard. But one thing your mom told you that was absolutely right was that you need to brush for at least two minutes.

Play some music while you do it. It's not that bad. If you cut your brushing short, you're simply not going to see the benefits you need from brushing.

Besides that, when you take that extra time, you hit those problem areas that don't usually get hit.

There are two areas in particular. First is right under the gums, where people are worried about making their gums bleed. The second is the tongue side of the teeth that's hard to get it.

If you hit both these areas, you're ahead of the curve in tooth care.

Throw Away That Old Brush!

You wouldn't keep shaving with a rusty old razor. Probably because it hurts, mostly. The same way, you shouldn't keep using an old brush. The bristles fray, they bend, and they're just not as useful.

So do yourself a favor and buy a new toothbrush every few months. They're pretty cheap!

That's it for toothbrush tips. If you have any more questions, you can call to schedule an appointment at our natural dentist center at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers.

Teeth Brushing Tips:

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