Cancer Center Visit – What to Expect

July 20, 2017

Dealing with the Diagnosis

After you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer- the decisions you are now faced with are among the most important decisions you ever will make.  Therefore, you need to be fully informed regarding all the options of the top 10 cancer centers available to you during this unparalleled moment in your life.

Many patients that come to us have already undergone conventional therapies, but may not have achieved the results they were hoping for, while others of have only recently been diagnosed and are researching all options before embarking upon a definitive course of action. In either case, you have found your way to Natural Horizons Wellness Centers one of the best cancer treatment centers.

Cancer Center

Our Approach

Our approach to the treatment and management of cancer can best be understood as an integrative approach. What integrative medicine entails is the amalgamation, or the bringing together of the most effective therapies in the conventional medical arena, as well as the most effective protocols in each of the alternative disciplines from all over the world.

We understand that to be restored to health whatever factors were involved in the development of the disease (cancer) must be eliminated; all factors required for healing must be brought into play; and the disease itself must be eradicated in such a way as to not produce more toxicity or impairment. There is a cure for cancer, ... it is called a healthy immune system. Hence, it is essential (required) that the immune system be nourished and fortified regardless of the therapy being undertaken if health is to truly be restored.

What to Expect during your first visit

It is our intention that the information that follows will help you understand the dynamics of the specific therapies that we use, and will allow you to make an informed decision regarding the direction you or a loved one should take. Prior to arrival please be sure to bring all recent medical records, including lab work, test results, x-rays, scans, and any other information relevant to your condition.

In most cases, one doctor will perform your initial intake. After the doctor has seen you, he/she may refer you to another doctor for additional intake and/or testing, or begin the therapy indicated by the diagnostic testing. Your initial appointment should take between two and three hours. After your initial appointment, the doctor will devise a treatment plan and will go over it in detail with you.

A typical Cancer patient first visit will include the following:

1. Comprehensive intake with Dr. J. Shaw Jones, including medical history; review of scans, lab work, x-rays and pathology reports; physical examination; outline of our Program; and the creation of a specific Program Protocol for you.  (1 1/2 hours).

2. Meeting with Pete Ewens, CEO of Natural Horizons, to discuss logistics and financial information.

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