Natural and Conventional Cancer Research Therapy

August 07, 2017

Natural and Conventional Cancer Research Therapy

Cancer research has shown studies of successful results when combining conventional chemotherapy and natural therapies. A naturally-oriented physician fights cancer by enhancing the patient’s overall health so that cancer cells cannot grow and multiply. Alternative natural medicine has advanced in many natural cancer treatments that are proven to work and can be used with conventional therapy for optimal results in cancer recovery. 


There are 7 Ways to Beat Cancer Naturally:

1. Starve the cancer cells. Cancer cells feed on sugar. try reducing your sugar intake by 90% to create a lower sugar environment. Try including grains and refined sugar in your diet.

2. Oxygen in your body. Cancer cells thrive in an oxygen free environment. Try doing moderate exercises, meditating, or other oxygen generating modalities such as the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber.

3. Maintain a good and healthy diet. Try to avoid malnutrition. consume healthy fats and plant based proteins to maintain balance and muscle strength. 

4. Use Therapeutic Nutritional Supplements. A 'cocktail' of nutrients is needed to enhance the immune system, balance your hormones, and prevent cancer growth. 

5. Balance your Body’s pH level. Ensure smooth bowel movement and proper absoprtion of nutrients by taking probiotics, green foods, and enzymes to reach a balance of the body's pH level. 

6. Detoxify the body. Toxic chemicals get accumulated in our bodies throughout our lifetime. Drink plenty of alkaline based water, antioxidants from vegetable juice. use herbs to help enhance the liver's function and try Chelation Therapy to removed unwanted metals and minerals in the body. 

7. Balance your hormones. Maintaining a balanced hormone is key to our well-being and longevity. This is especially important with hormone-related cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, and uterine cancer. Make an appointment with your physician that focuses on providing you the support, education, and treatment options you need to help you lead a healthy life.

Cancer research has shown many cancer patients have opted for both conventional and alternative natural treatment as a combined therapy. This combination therapy has been becoming more popular and the success rates are higher than one treatment alone.  

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