10 Signs Your Natural Dentist Is Truly Holistic

August 17, 2017

Natural and Holistic Dentist

Natural and holistic dentists are treating their patients with less surgery and less drugs than ever before. Their patients are happier and healthier for it.

So other dentist offices are trying to bank in by labeling themselves as "holistic."

Separating the real natural dentists from the pretenders can be a mouthful, but we have made it easy for you.

Here are 10 signs to look out for when you go in for your consultation.

1: No Amalgam Fillings

Look out for amalgam filling. No holistic dentist would even suggest having mercury in their office, let alone in the mouth of their patients.

2: No Fluoride Treatment

There are a number of ramifications for using fluoride, especially on children. Fluorine leaves white spots on the teeth of patients, and actually harms thyroid and withers bones.

3: Avoids Crowns

Be wary of any drill-happy dentist. A truly natural dentist would first consider inlays and non-toxic filling material for cavities, resorting to crowns only sparingly.

4: No Sealants

All dentists know sealants are made with BPA (Bisphenol A), a synthetic that disrupts our hormones. So the natural ones avoid it at all costs. Phony holistic doctors might try to pull a fast one and offer “BPA free” sealants but those still contain a cousin chemical BPS.

5: Avoids X-rays

Use low dose digital x-rays and as low as reasonably achievable.

6: Filling Materials Are Individualized

Dental materials are case-by-case. What separates holistic dentists from the hacks is their inclination to administer blood tests and muscle testing—or applied kinesiology—to determine what composite material is best, not just practically but biologically.

7: Minimum Drugs Before and After Invasive Surgery

Invasive surgery is no joke. But there are options outside of drugs. Homeopathy drops should be used before the operation to minimize painkillers. Antibiotics can be avoided too if the holistic dentist administers drinkable Vitamin C to boost recovery.

8: Infrared Devices in Lieu of Painkillers

After surgery, painkillers are tempting. But there are handheld infrared devices a natural dentist should give you to take home. All it takes is holding it to your jaw for 20 minutes at a time a handful times a day and you will be amazed at how fast you heal—no drugs required.

9: Only Pulls out Wisdom Teeth That Are Bothersome

The vast majority of wisdom teeth extractions are unwarranted. And they can even cause nerve damage, numbing lips, tongues, or cheeks. Holistic dentists only perform these if the teeth are causing great problems.

10: Avoids Root Canals

Root canals ruin the tooth they’re performed on. Natural dentists avoid these the best they can with homeopathy and herbs.


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