How to Convince Someone to Brush Their Teeth

September 27, 2017

How to Convince Someone to Brush Their Teeth

For many people, dental hygiene is not high on their priority list. Many years of bad habit formed as a child can affect adult life and even relationships especially with a significant other. However, it is not too late to convince someone to brush their teeth.

Track Progress

An awesome way to provide data is to take some photos of the person’s teeth and show them what it looks like from another person’s point of view. This is also another way of tracking progress, by taking photos weekly or monthly to help them see their progress and improve their dental habits.


If someone has bad breath or unsightly looking teeth, sometimes it is best to be honest to that person. Especially if they are a loved one or a close friend. Communicate in a friendly and loving manner to remind them that you are just trying to help and change their life for the better. Continue to provide positive reinforcement when they do brush their teeth.

Consult a Dentist

A professional dentist can offer a more detailed information to provide a better understanding on how important it is to improve dental habits. There could be an underlying issue inside the mouth that cannot be seen in the naked eye and could possibly prevent further damage or disease progression.

Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria from dental plaque. This leads to swollen, bleeding gums, a sign of gingivitis. This is another way to help convince them how important it is to brush their teeth.


At Natural Horizons Wellness Centers we have a comprehensive Dental Center in Fairfax, VA. We take a natural approach to dentistry, using top of the line procedures and products to provide standard of care for your teeth without potentially harmful additives and chemicals.

What is Biologic Dentistry?

In short, biologic dentistry takes into account the mouth as a whole, including the physiologic and energetic relationships between your mouth (including your teeth, gums, palate, cheeks, lips, tongue, jawbone, tonsil and general oral cavity) and the rest of your body.

Our services represent an integration of traditional dental services and overall body health so that you can expect the best possible results. It’s a positive experience that goes beyond traditional dentistry.

For a more complete and holistic approach, our team relies on the expertise of experts in many fields. It’s a way to get a more complete picture and to consider all factors that could affect your dental and general health.

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We provide a complementary dental examination for problem focused issues in the absence of insurance.

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