How Does Alternative Treatments Help Manage Cancer?

October 11, 2017

How Does Alternative Treatments Help Manage Cancer?

Alternative Treatment is unlike mainstream medicine, it is different kinds of products and practices used to help relieve the patient’s symptoms and improve their quality of life during cancer treatments. Complementary medicine as it is used along conventional medical treatments.

Some of these alternative and complementary treatments includes acupuncture, colon hydrotherapy, cupping therapy, far-infrared sauna, intravenous vitamin therapy, ionic detox foot bath, therapeutic massage therapy, reflexology, herbal products, and traditional Chinese medicine.

Cancer patients might think about using these alternative methods for a number of reasons:

1. To relieve side effect of chemotherapy or radiation without having to take more medications.

2. Control certain symptoms and improve quality of life

3. Seeking treatment with less harmful side effects

4. Improve own overall health and wellness

5. Prefer alternative theories of health and diseases and alternative treatments.

Complementary and alternative treatments are appealing to cancer patients because they use simple and wholesome methods to treat and relieve side effects of cancer treatments.  Some of the treatments proven to relieve stress and pain during medical procedures are: massage therapy, mediation, and relaxation. These complementary methods over time will improve quality of life if incorporated with mainstream treatment.

Integrative therapy is a term used to combine conventional treatment and complementary methods together. Some cancer treatment centers offer integrative therapy to cancer patients who are looking to do mainstream treatments along with complementary therapies. This limit and lowers the risk of significant side effects and some evidence showed that this method help reduce symptoms and improve the patient’s physical and mental health.

Alternative Cancer Therapy

Natural Horizons Wellness Centers offer holistic cancer treatment options that provide more than just the standard chemotherapy and radiation practices offered at other types of facilities. We understand that cancer affects every person in a unique way, and that treatment should reflect the personal nature of cancer.

Cancer is more than just a diagnosis — the condition changes virtually every aspect of a person’s life, from physical health to emotional well-being. Cancer can also metastasize and spread beyond the original source. Our cancer treatment centers recognize the unique nature of the disease, allowing us to incorporate alternative therapies and treatments that focus on the whole-body experience of cancer.

Cancer differs from many other diseases in several ways. There are more than 100 types of cancer with a variety of causes that range from radiation exposure to poor lifestyle choices — and each cancer acts in a distinctive way to cause illness. Unlike many conditions that affect only one organ or set of organs, cancer affects numerous body systems, especially as it spreads during later stages of the disease. Cancer is also unlike many unpreventable diseases in that an individual has a varying amount of control over exposure to cancer-causing agents.

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