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Natural Horizons provides Dental Services in Fairfax during the following hours: Monday 7:30 am- 5:00 pm, Tuesday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm, Wednesday 7:30 am - 7:00 pm, Thursday - CLOSED, Friday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm, Saturday - By Appointment Only.

At the center of your general well-being is your dental health. Many health complications can arise from this incredibly complex area of health, which is why Natural Horizons Wellness Centers offers a range of biologic dentistry services specifically tailored to each patient. To learn more about the leading option for a biological dentist in VA, and to find out more about our uniquely holistic approach to dentistry, please read the information below. We provide the following dental services:

Natural Dental Center: Fairfax Dentist

At Natural Horizons Wellness Centers we have a comprehensive Dental Center in Fairfax, VA. We take a natural approach to dentistry, using top of the line procedures and products to provide standard of care for your teeth without potentially harmful additives and chemicals. 

What is Biologic Dentistry?

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In short, biologic dentistry takes into account the mouth as a whole, including the physiologic and energetic relationships between your mouth (including your teeth, gums, palate, cheeks, lips, tongue, jawbone, tonsil and general oral cavity) and the rest of your body.

Our services represent an integration of traditional dental services and overall body health so that you can expect the best possible results. It’s a positive experience that goes beyond traditional dentistry.

For a more complete and holistic approach, our team relies on the expertise of experts in many fields. It’s a way to get a more complete picture and to consider all factors that could affect your dental and general health.

The Options We Offer

In the Washington DC and Fairfax area, Natural Horizons Wellness Centers are known for comprehensive services, including the following:

  • Teeth Whitening: As well as a range of cosmetic services
  • Mercury-free Dentistry: To help detoxify the mouth and body
  • Amalgam Removal: A process that removes potentially harmful metals, to replace with mercury-free options.

We also offer services in crowns, dentures, bridges, X-rays, veneers, restoration and more.

Why Natural Horizons Wellness Centers?

We are home to a staff that takes your care personally. When seeking care from a holistic dentist in Virginia, patients know where to turn.

When we say that our approach is holistic, we mean it. We take into account every aspect of your mouth and head, as well as your general well-being, to ensure you are getting the care you need. Our services are distinctive, in that we tailor treatment plans for each patient following a thorough examination.

We understand that the various areas of dental care all come together and should be treated as such.

In addition to biologic dentistry, our patients have access to a wide range of wellness services, including teeth whitening, stress management and chiropractic care.

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To schedule an appointment at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers call 1-877-292-1571 or click here.

We provide a complementary dental examination for problem focused issues in the absence of insurance.

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