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Despite the amount of resources spent on health care in the U.S., our population’s state of health is poor — and it’s getting worse. Much of this can be attributed to an increasingly toxic environment, greater stress in our daily lives, and an abundance of processed food filled with chemicals, empty calories, sugar, salt and fat.

Improving the body’s function through basic dietary and lifestyle changes while decreasing the many environmental stresses is critical to improving health. This is where the holistic, integrative nutrition programs and lifestyle services offered at Natural Horizons Wellness Centers will help.

Creating a Good Nutritional Foundation

We provide a healthy foundational diet that is individualized according to each patient’s special needs. This diet includes:

  • Eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of variety, including proteins, vegetables, fruits, breads and whole grains, dairy, non-dairy and fats
  • Eating frequent small meals
  • Eliminating sugar and caffeine
  • Eliminating processed foods
  • Eliminating food allergens
  • Taking the proper oral supplements daily
Improve Your Lifestyle by Managing Stress

Stress helps us adapt to changes in our environment, but prolonged or severe stress is extremely detrimental to our bodies. It can contribute to the development of illnesses, from back pain to asthma to intestinal disorders to cancer.

We often talk about stress as emotional or spiritual, but physical stress cannot be overlooked. Examples of physical stressors include infectious agents such as viruses, lack of adequate sleep and the overconsumption of foods such as sugar, artificial sweeteners and processed food products. One can of soda (with approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar) suppresses our natural killer cells that help us fight infection.

Stress depletes the body of vitamins, particularly Vitamins B and C, and causes our immune and hormonal systems to become compromised. This results in many imbalances that ultimately manifest as illnesses.

Key Benefits to Managing Stress
  • Improvement in overall physical and mental health
  • Increased productivity in everything we do
  • Greater ability to relate to others
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