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At Natural Horizons Wellness Centers, our natural pain management specialists deal with almost every conceivable type of pain. Regardless of the pain you’re experiencing, your overall immediate issue is a singular one — you want relief from pain, and you want it NOW! Our number one priority in working with all the patients we see is to free them from their existing pain.

What is Alternative Pain Management?

NHWC is unique in how we treat and manage pain, as we take an alternative approach in working with the body, mind and spirit of each patient. Our holistic pain management specialists look at many elements within each patient’s lifestyle to identify all of the factors that contribute to a pain-driven condition. Whether acute or chronic, we need to uncover all the reasons a patient is experiencing pain, so that the prescribed treatment plan incorporates everything necessary to prevent a recurrence.

Here is what you can expect from our alternative pain management approach:

  • All patients receive a complete musculo-skeletal evaluation of pain issues.
  • Each patient receives a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan. Treatment methods may include one or more of the procedures listed above.
  • The patient is scheduled for the various components of the comprehensive treatment plan.
A Unique Pain Treatment Approach

Our approach to pain treatment is multifaceted, as nearly all pain conditions are complex and usually involve a number of contributing factors. Each patient has an initial consultation with a medical doctor who examines not only the big picture regarding the specific condition, but also the patient’s medical history, current lifestyle and habits. The patient is then seen by our chiropractor, who performs a complete musculo-skeletal examination. The medical doctor and the chiropractor discuss their individual findings and develop an individualized comprehensive treatment plan for each patient.

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