Our bodies are 70% fluids. To maintain optimal health these fluids need to have a ph as close to 7.365 as possible. What does this mean and how is it accomplished? The ph scale is a standard measurement system you learned in science class. It is a ladder scale beginning at 0 and ascending to 14. Zero is equivalent to carbonic acid (the most acidic element) and 14 is bicarbonate, which is an alkalizing agent. 7.0 is neutral. Is this bringing back recollections of high school chemistry class?

Dr. Robert O. Young has done extensive research on this subject and uses an analogy of a bank account to explain how the ph in the body effects your over energy levels. Your body’s ph scale is an “Energy Bank”. Daily you make deposits and withdrawals from your energy account. You wake up in the morning needing a little boost to get your day going, so you make yourself a cup of coffee (4.0 acidic). That is a withdrawal as it takes away from the healthy 7.365. But you decide to have a healthy breakfast of yogurt and fruit, sprinkled with granola. Yogurt is low acidic, so another small withdrawal, blueberries (high acidic) large withdrawal, mango (high alkaline) large deposit, banana (neutral), and granola (slight acidic) small withdrawal. Uh oh, withdrawals out number deposits so you’ve lowered your balance again. By 10:00 you’re feeling even more of a drop in energy, so you head to the hot water dispenser and brew a cup of green tea (medium alkaline)making a deposit to the energy bank. Lunch time: Spinach salad (high alkaline) deposit, with strawberries and slivered almonds (both medium alkaline) deposit, with a small amount of raspberry vinaigrette (neutral). By the middle of the afternoon, your energy account is fairly balanced. You’ve withdrawn and deposited to it in near equal amounts. But how will you handle the rest of the day? Rules of thumb: Most fruits are acidic (except lemons, limes, watermelon, mango, and papaya) Most proteins are acidic Dairy except homogenized milk, ice cream, and margarine which is acidic, are neutral All sugars/artificial sweeteners are acidic Coffee, black tea and soda are acidic All dark green vegetables are alkaline Most vegetables are alkaline or near neutral Green and herbal teas are alkaline Alkaline water can make a big difference in trying to keep your ph balanced. Drinking half your body weight in ounces of alkaline water will help detox your body and build healthy cells.

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