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Choices - Part II

Yesterday I explored options of fairly common foods we choose between on a regular basis for our nutritional intake. Today I wanted to add a few more items to consider when making your shopping list. Most all of these items will be familiar to you except perhaps Quinoa. Quinoa is a grain-like product. I say grain-like because it is a seed but not from the grass family like wheat, barley or rye. It is more cereal like in its preparation and nutritionally well rounded.

Check out these quick hints.

Quinoa beats Brown Rice WHY: Quinoa has three extra grams of protein per cooked cup, plus more fiber, iron, and magnesium. Greek Yogurt beats regular Yogurt WHY: The Greek variety has about twice as much protein as traditional types. Green Tea beats Coffee WHY: It's bursting with antioxidants (such as EGCG) that help ward off diabetes and certain cancers. Pork Tenderloin beats Beef Tenderloin WHY: The pork version has less saturated fat, more B vitamins, and is cheaper. Goat Cheese beats Feta Cheese WHY: Goat cheese has nearly half the cholesterol and a third less sodium. Orange beats Apple WHY: They have similar amounts of calories and fiber, but oranges have 12 times as much vitamin C. Red Pepper beats Green Pepper WHY: It boasts eight times the vitamin A, which keeps your immune system strong. Flaxseed beats Flaxseed Oil WHY: The seeds have lots of magnesium, potassium, selenium, and fiber. Between yesterday's posting and today's hopefully you will find grocery shopping a little less confusing when you are trying to make the healthiest choices possible.

Here's to good choices and great health.

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